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  • Schoening

    Q: Is it possible to set up on Heroku without Python Knowledge?

    A: yes, the setup of heroku does not need to know python.

    Actually, I had release my server source code at


    You might establish new server from this without change anything.

    Q: What do I have to Change the Connect To Address to

    when I want to host NON locally?


    <img src="http://i1081.photobucket.com/albums/j352/rexrainbow1/file-5.jpg" border="0" />

    You could get server ip from server application.

    Then set this ip in "action:Connect" -- parameter "Address".

    Q: Is it possible to do some sort of Members Logged in Count? The server seems not to realize leaving players for a long time if they just close the browser

    A: Hum... I might need to try it again. Sorry.

  • dl.dropbox.com/u/53738503/hhaxfailconnect.capx

    Using bottleneck now :)

    The player entered is registered. But the Chat itself is not... please take a look .. I wont bother you after this .)

  • Schoening

    The problem is in variable "ArrayUpdate", you might use triggered event: "on data received" directly to see the message.

    BTW, bottleneck is designed to co-work with bottleneck lobby. It's better to assign a unique name in properties table. (Now it's "Chat", "Schoening's Chat" is better, to avoid name collision)

    And, any opened room will be saw in bottleneck lobby if you create this room by set "Is public" to 1. Set "Is public" to 0 could hide this room from bottleneck lobby, only one who enter your loggin page could enter your chat-room.

    Have fun!

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  • dl.dropbox.com/u/53738503/hhh.capx

    Hm.. why is it not workin!?

  • Schoening

    It works fine in my computer. I can connect to server.

    You might need to export then do testing.

  • Connect yes.

    But the Chat is not Appending to the Textbox :s

  • Sorry, I could not find bug. So I made a simple test case


    It could get messages, try this.

  • Your example seems to work :D dunno what bug I had, i'm just gonna work from your example :q

  • dl.dropbox.com/u/53738503/bbb/index.html

    I'm getting there :p

    I am trying to make a "Kick" Button

    But I have trouble to "kick" people..

  • rexrainbow I am using your plugin I have 2 computers, one is connected via Wired to router the second is connected via Wireless to a second router connected to the main via cable. if you got that...

    1. I have server on the First one runnng

       1a. It gives me 3 IP addresses (not sure which to use) I used the first

    2. I started Chat on my first computer (OK)>>

    3. I started Chat on Second computer (OK) >>

    4 When I Send on Either I get the chat to the other :)

    2 (TWO) Questions Plz

    1. Why do I get 3 IP numbers?

        I Assume it is my A.Computer B.Router 1 C. Modem/Router

    Is this a Correct Assumption?

    2. When the 'Text Box' fills whith the Chat I does not scroll and I can no longer Send/Receive to the 'Text Box'.

    How can I get it to scroll the chat in the 'Text Box' to keep it going?

  • lkajr

    You might try my new socket.io plugin in this post.

  • hi i tryed the example but it didn't work i have this error in the .bat file :

    ERROR:root:unknown encoding: cp720

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "tornadio2\session.pyc", line 406, in raw_message

    File "tornadio2\conn.pyc", line 198, in on_event

    File "SocketIO\ChatConnection.py", line 41, in _initialize

    LookupError: unknown encoding: cp720


    what does that mean please :)

  • SuperMoi

    Sorry, I don't have enough time to find out solution recently. You might try my new socket.io server at this post,

  • rexrainbow

    Will it be possible to use this plugin together with the your socketIO.bat to create a simple multiplayer turnbased card game? Using string messages for communication between clients?

  • Rex,

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    You rock because:

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    (d)You are kind

    (e)It is in your nature

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