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  • Psychokiller1888

    So I tested a game in airconsole.com and I don't have high latency problems. Could it be the gameplay doing a lot of things at the same time?

  • You need to know if it is the controller not sending the touches input immediately, or your game not treating the onMessage immediately because too busy per exemple

  • Psychokiller1888

    Is there another way to get the Message from the controller? I'm using "On specific Message".

  • For simple property messages




    I usually do OnMessageFromAnyController

    Then use AirConsole.DeviceId and AirConsole.Message to see what what sent

  • Psychokiller1888

    Can it also be the Estimated image memory 1008.5 megabytes (gameplay)? That's the busy part you are talking about?

  • Have you tried to upload somewhere else and test your game not using AirConsole?

  • Psychokiller1888

    Not yet. Where can I upload it and test it?

  • Grab a free web hosting on the net to try out your creations. I do upload on my own servers, but there are lots of free hosting plans that can give you an idea of the hosted game

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  • Psychokiller1888

    OK! I will try it and let you know how it goes.

    Thank you!

  • Psychokiller1888

    So check this out. I was testing my mobile device using my 40gb wireless connection and I detected high latency. But when I disabled my wireless connection from my mobile device and start using my 4G LTE connection NO High Latency. This is so weird.

  • Maybe your router then?

  • Psychokiller1888

    Maybe but when I play other games in airconsole.com there is no high latency and im using my mobile with the wireless connection.

  • I don't mean to come off as rude, but why are controllers not supported? I can't see much of a reason for it. If messaging between Controllers and Screen aren't supported eventually, I'm probably going to make my own plugin. For now, it looks like it will be easy to work around though.

    Also, I don't understand why nobody seems to think making the controller in C2 is an important feature. Why would anyone use a phone as a controller if all there is is buttons? Using an actual gamepad is arguably much better.

  • ?? I don't understand what you mean. Airconsole is another way to create games. A way to play games with your friends at home without the need to have 8 gamepads. It's a different approach, it's not better or worse than gamepads, it's different. It brings you something gamepads don't have, a screen as a controller. Not only buttons, but stories can be told on your controller, new mechanics can be thought.

    Messaging between screen and controllers is fully supported in C2, games made in C2 have already been published on AirConsole.

    Making controllers in C2 is also possible since a while, a plugin made by X3M is available: viewtopic.php?f=153&t=186227

    Official generated controllers are also now compatible with the C2 plugin: https://developers.airconsole.com/tools ... dex.html#/

    There's not only buttons, it's up to you to developp your own controller, add different states, switch screens, whatever, a controller is a website so to say, so with a little html, css and JS you can do anything

    A plugin version 2, cleaning up and making it easier to understand is underway and I will publish it pretty soon, but first I'm working on our competition submission and will invest time in plugin version 2 then

    Yes, AirConsole is fundamentaly not meant to be a bridge for high speed FPS games as latency can be a problem, but try some of the games available on airconsole.com and you will see

  • is correct in his assessment of airconsole.

    your questions lead me to believe that you have not tried it yourself. please, correct me if i am wrong.

    if you try it you will understand what it is and what it is not.

    it is primarily a casual/local or communal gaming console for friends. i have tried it myself.

    to qualify, i play board games, card games and video games. a lot of times with my small group of gaming friends who are all men and all married. when we get together, the guys game, for example 'lord of the rings lcg' while the women do whatever it is that women do...lol. they had no interest in co-opping to destroy and orc assault with the assistance of gandalf.

    i know - crazy right.

    but one night we turned on the t.v. and hooked up airconsole. we scrolled through some of the games and let the ladies pick something to play. for the majority of the night we played a game called 'tower of babel'. it is no aaa sensation to say the least, but, we all laughed, played and engaged with each other for most of the night. playing with the 'ladies' was actually fun and they admitted that playing with us was fun when they could actually be involved.

    the point of the phone controllers is that everyone has a phone...so everyone has a controller. you do not need to buy anything to get started playing.

    and because you can do anything on a blank canvas, the phone controller is going to allow new interactions and new concepts for group gaming.

    just like many years ago when steve ballmer said no one would ever buy a $500 phone with no buttons. people will come to see the phone as a controller to be a very versatile tool. it is not meant to replace a gamepad. it is a different animal. not better or worse, simply different.

    i totally agree with you that creating the controller in c2 is a very important feature. in my opinion the most important feature because that is the connection between you and the game.

    i guess it takes a lot of work to make it 'simple' for designers and game devs to use.

    i also agree with you that traditional gamepad games can have a home on airconsole too, but once you have had twelve people all playing together in one game and having fun...there is no going back.

    just my two cents...

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