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  • Hello armaldio,

    yes, unfortunately there is the same error with the NFC_fullExample, You provided.

    Pressing READ, I need to touch the tag twice to read the data from it.

    Removing triggers, then pressing READ, also needs to read twice. (its beeping for the 1st time also, but no data )

    I have a NEXUS 5 phone.

    Using the built in NFC reading app, my phone immediately showing, what is in the tag. The problem is only with the compiled apps.

    I would be grateful if You could give me some hint, what am I doing wrong.

    thanks in advance,


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  • Hello ,

    I'm sorry for your problem,

    I'm currently away from home, so I can't have a look a your problem, I come home in around 5 or 6 days, and then I'll look to your problem.

    Thanks for your patience. By the way I had the same problem :

    I had to read twice with my Xperia Sp while I only hate to read once with my note 4. Very weird.

    I will investigate. Feel free to also contact me on other messaging apps.

  • Hello armaldio,

    many thanks if You can investigate this issue.

    I've tried to find stg on the topic. But I dont know how to solve. ... -tag-twice ... -tag-twice

    Please let me know if You have anything on this issue.

    many thanks in advance,


  • armaldio

    sorry I cant paste links. So I searched in google with the words: android nfc twice

  • Hi armaldio - I can't get this plugin to work through cordova export and phonegap build.

    I have used the examples of capx files here, but the app doesn't respond to the NFC tag at all. Has anything changed in the last year that would cause the plugin to stop working?

    Other NFC apps from the Play store do read the tag.

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5

    Do I need to add anything to the config.xml ??

    Any help gratefully received


  • Hi, Armaldio. I've read your post, but I'm not getting my game to read the tags. The idea is to use tags as if they were the Amiibo or Skylanders action figures. But for some reason, the game's instructions can not read the tags. Do you know what might be happening? In Intel XDK, I added the NFC plugin as per your instructions. In my game, at the touch of a button, it waits for the tag to read. In reading, a numeric variable receives the payload value of the tag (just for tests). Is correct? No more, congratulations to the plugin. Thanks in Advance.

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