[Behaviour] Bound to layout Plus, Scroll To Plus

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  • blackhornet - Arg, sorry actually it seems that the plugin isn't working anymore !

  • - You'll have to be a bit more specific than that. The new sample file had a problem, which I've fixed, but I've tested on a fresh system and it is working fine.

  • blackhornet

    Thanks for the update - the new sample helped me to understand where I did a mistake. My inset settings needed some adjustment.

    Now it is working like a charm

    Many thanks !!

  • Hello blackhornet

    The plugin is working great now, and actually the inset parameters are awesome.

    I think that would be great to be able to reach them with events as well, for example to make the scroll to bound to a specific area by modifying those parameters.


  • Fair comment. I'll add these in. Give me a day or so. I'll also add expressions, for completeness.

  • Updated.

  • You are faster than light !!

    Just tested the new feature, it works great, this is absolutely awesome

    Many thanks blackhornet

  • Hey there !

    thanks to blackhornet awesome plugin I have made a very nice camera movement that bounds to areas ! you can check it in this video : youtube.com/watch

    Here are the expressions I use to make that ("Masterlayer" is the name of my main layer) :

    When the character goes IN the area :

    inset left : lerp(ViewportLeft("Masterlayer"),area.BBoxLeft-256,dt*3)

    inset right : lerp(LayoutWidth-ViewportRight("Masterlayer"),LayoutWidth-area.BBoxRight-256,dt*3)

    When the character goes OUT the area :

    inset left : lerp(Camera.ScrollToPlus.InsetLeft,MASTER.X-(WindowWidth/2),dt*3)

    inset right : lerp(Camera.ScrollToPlus.InsetRight,LayoutWidth-(MASTER.X+(WindowWidth/2)),dt*3)

  • Thank you very much!

    Simple and extremely useful

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  • i'm just new here, so how to use it and what the usability of this plugin ?

    so my game is top down based, in case i just want to set some layer with scale = 1.5, i already add scroll to behavior to camera object, but i can't see my Player Character, can this plugin help ?? thank you

  • giffary19 No. That's a different problem. You should post a new topic in and ask for help. A link to a CAPX is the fastest way to get help.

  • OMG! I love construct 2 add ons!

  • How do I install these .c2addon files? I can do it when there in folder form, but I can't figure out how to use these file types.

  • You drag them onto Construct itself. C2 then installs them for you.

  • Hi blackhornet first of all thanks for the great plugin.

    It solved my "screen shake on the layout corner" problem effortlessly.

    However I have another problem.

    I want to shake the screen when player is firing the weapon and shake screen when there is an explosion. Shake magnitudes are different. Explosion has greater magnitude then firing a weapon.

    When player is firing and there is an explosion at the same time, explosion shake stops and weapon shake starts. So I lose the bigger explosion. I tried to find a condition to check if shake is active but I coulnd't find it. Can you help me how can I resolve this?

    Also another thing:

    I tried to overcome this by using two sine waves to shake the player when firing. It kinda worked... The sprite, that has scroll to plus behaviour, is pinned to player so camera is following him and creates a screen shake. And I can use screen shake effect from scroll to plus behaviour.

    However while player is at the corners of the layout, screen doesn't shake with him. Only the player does. I have 5 inset for scroll to and bound to layout behaviours. And screen shake on the behaviour workes nicely. Can this some how be worked around?

    Any ways thanks again for the plugin. And any help would be appreciated.

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