[Behavior] Spaceship Movement Behavior

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  • OO Thanks Fimbul, can't wait to have custom controls for my game!

  • :

    Updated to version 0.2, added custom controls (as promised, sorry for the delay)!

  • Fimbul

    Thanks and np! Looks like the link is giving me a 404 page error though.

  • Try now.

  • It works, TY!

  • I'm not sure how the custom controls work. What do I set each key press to in the event's sheet. (Assuming that's how it works)The only direction I see to set is reverse. TY

    Edit: Yeah i downloaded it again, and extracted it again, and now I see the simulate control action. Sorry for the post.

  • I like the movement. Really nice addition to the behavior list.

    Adding WARP would make a this good behavior great!!!!!!!

  • I like the movement. Really nice addition to the behavior list.

    Adding WARP would make a this good behavior great!!!!!!!

    Explain this feature further and I'll see what I can do.

    What do you mean by warp?

  • Hi Fimbul, is there any chance you will add additional thruster options, I would for example like to see thrust left and thrust right (straffing).

    Is that possible?

  • Thanks a lot! Funny that the above post asks for the same thing I would have asked for as well (would have? ok, so I'm also asking for it by writing this post :) anyhow, this made my work a lot easier, just going to figure out gravity and my object not getting semi-glued to walls, happens with traditional controls as well)

  • Hi! Somebody would be kind to upload an example or demo to check it out in action? Thanks!

  • I know this is an older behaviour, but I think it's really promising for my game. I've come across a problem though.

    When my spaceship moves, I actually want the background to move, not the ship itself (the ships stays at the centre of the screen and the background objects move instead, to give the illusion of movement). This is fairly easy to do with normal movement - I just put all the objects into a family and move them along the angle of the ship. With the spaceship behaviour, I need to move them along the movingangle, but there's a problem.

    The moving angle is mirrored when you move to the right or left (right gives 180 degrees, left gives 0 degrees) but it's not mirrored when you move upwards or downwards (straight up is -90 or 270 degrees, straight down is 90 degrees). These are the same as the standard directions. So it's mirrored along the horizontal but not mirrored along the vertical. I have no idea how to translate that to my background objects.

    Is this a bug or is it supposed to behave like this?

  • This is a very good behavior , I can now make a small asteroid type of game or something like that with it.

    Thanks .

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  • Great behaviour. :)

    How can I get the sprite to decelerate to a full stop if no keys are pressed?

  • It breaks my heart that I don't have time to update this behavior... I have many features planned for this, including:

    • strafing - moving sideways
    • dead reckoning - returns the coordinates of where you'll be X miliseconds from now or where you were X miliseconds ago
    • multiple engines - you can have multiple engines with varying degrees of power in different locations with different angles
    • NPC - a version that can be automated and doesn't rely on key presses
    • Thrust [to/through] coordinate - Make the npc fly to/through a coordinate

    ...all working in partial states in different construct versions. I wish I could say "I'm going to implement them all soon and there will be a big update!" but that's just not true. I'm stuck with humongous projects and if my life continues in it's current path (which I hope it does), I'll be busy for the next 2 years at least!

    I love developing plugins for construct 2, and I even had some stuff relating to stream loading tile-based maps from a remote server, inventory management, and was working on a multi-level variable parser plugin with jquery syntax (example: object.vars("status.attributes.health")), but then the market exploded with requests for consulting and projects, and a construct update broke nearly everything I had. It's probably trivial to fix, but alas there is no time.

    Meanwhile, my huge gigantic ambitious project (that is my inspiration for developing those plugins) is on hiatus due to multiplayer not supporting UDP (yet) and my complete lack of free time.

    In any case, thanks for all the feedback guys! I hope I can squeeze some time eventually to at least fix the bugs! It's nice to see people still derive value from my work!

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