[Behavior] scrolling (for text/sprite font plugin)

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  • VaeVictus

    1, 2

    Global variable "content" did not be used in this capx, but I forgot to removed it. Here uses for loop to create content listed in 2.

    You might use "Action:Set content", or "Action:Append content" of this behavior to set the content.


    "condition: on start of layout" just scrolls to current percentage of content. It assumes that thumb might not at position of percentage 0.

  • Update

    • Fix bug while scrolling after append content immediately.
    • Add current content, visible lines count, total lines count, current start line index message shown at debug panel.
  • rexrainbow i am also stucked with setting up boundary for the "thumb" sprite.. I have exactly copied your code, but still no luck , will you please look into my file and let me know

    I can't upload hyperlink... is their any way i can send the file to you?

  • rumanbsl

    You could send a link under this page.

  • rexrainbow I've managed to do it

  • rumanbsl

    It is better to control typing and go to next page by event.

    What is invert 'on hit bottom/top boundary'?

  • Sorry rex

    I've tried to use it with your tagtext (with <style> inline), but I cannot use it.... Can you make an capx example with it, I've got yours with official text, but I want one example with the other...


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  • cmee

    Uh, actually it is because that rex_tagtext had not supported scrolling in inline mode, only <class="xx">...</class>, sorry I had missed it.

  • I have an error when I use:


    For example If put that into a variable set TagText.Scrolling.Lines(TagText.Scrolling.CurrIndex,TagText.Scrolling.CurrLastIndex)&": "&TagText.Scrolling.CurrLastIndex&TagText.Scrolling.CurrIndex

    It results that:

    "[object Object][object Object][object Object][object Object]: 30" (3 and 0)

  • Update

    Fix expression:Lines bug while scrolling tagtext

    Not that Lines(1, 3) will return line 1, line 2


    Thanks for this bug reporting.

  • rex now I cannot select the last line... I tried with TagText.Scrolling.CurrLastIndex+1 but it didn't work.

    Maybe will be better that the lines 1,2 and 3 were selected if we put Lines(1, 3).... I don't know...

    Thanks for your very fast maintenance and answers

  • cmee

    I had fixed it, please try again. Sorry for this bug.

  • Hey Rex - I'm trying to use this, but for some reason, every time I set content or tell the text to scroll to the next line or page, the text just disappears. It does this on your sample capx's, so I'm not sure what's going wrong - any idea?

  • Update

    Fix a bug while scrolling official text object.


    Fixed. Thanks for this reporting! It's my stupid mistake.

  • No problem, thanks for the quick fix! It's working perfectly now!

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