[Behavior] Runaway Sprite

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  • Great plugin. One feature request though. Is there any way that you could add the ability to set a direction property when the object (NPC in my case) is moving? That way we can use this for animation control. For example, if the object is moving left, I could read this from a variable and tell my sprite to play the "left" animation. Thanks in advance!

  • hey if you are still developing this there a bug with your behavior the on sprite menu where you have default values are at I could not change any default values or behavior to reflect the new behavior value. such as this on the default value of the behavior i set it as 4 -way the sprite is still doing directional yet when i do on start layout ---set to 4 way it works.

    Is there something messing up not allowing me or perhap other from changing default value without doing on start?

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  • Hey, I know its a few years old now but I've been given a capx that utilizes this behaviour, when I click your link to get it it takes me to an untitled page, http://www.jenpop.com/construct2/runaway.zip but nothing loads, it doesn't download the behaviour or anything, Is it still working? Or is it an issue on my end?


  • stevenallot

    I tried to download it and it worked just fine, so not sure.

    Here is a mirror link to dropbox just in case.


  • Hey that's super thank you!

  • I dont get how nobody ask for this but, is there anyway to implement this behavior into a grid? Because i try and try but it looks there's no easy way to snap the Sprite into a grid using this plugin. You should merge the movements with "rex's board movement"

  • hello guys, i working on small procject of action rpg, I using this ( runaway behavior ) and i have a question, how you guys put your animation in this behavior ? i mean that my enemy face one direction..

    thanks btw, such a cool behavior

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