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  • Thx for explanations R0J0hound !

    Now i explore others options of your cool behavior and i have a little problem with the function "position shadow object".

    My idea is to position a shadow below all my blocks of sprite to simulate shadow caster so i try to do :

    system - for each Blocksprite system - create object Shadow

    Blocksprite - position object Shadow as shadow

    But the system create infinite Shadow ^^

    Ty for help me

  • worm1

    Either destroy them all every tick before creating them or just creating the shadows once.

  • Hi

    I'm coming back after having made good progress on my isometric game thanks to you R0J0hound <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" />

    I'm now stuck on something and I need your wise advice to handle this :



    As you can see I created a snake as in this game :


    The snake's head has the iso behavior and is work very fine in the isometric world. For the tail of the snake I tied sprites with the pin behavior (rope style) . The movement of snake is as I wish but now the big challenge it's about managing the rest of the body in the isometric world ^^

    So my question is must I add to the sprites of the tail the isometric behavior too ? Or must I handle z ordering z ordering with the informations of the head ?

    Thanks a lot for your help

  • To be sorted the tail has to have the isometric behavior too. When you move an object with another behavior you need to update the isometric position as well. I believe there is an included action to do that.

  • Hi , thx for reply R0J0hound

    I have a new problem with our behavior and custom bullet movement with angle of motion collision in isometric world.

    Exactly the same problem that this post :

    I make custom movement of bullet with :

    Iso move by offset(
    And when i hit something 
    Iso overlap at offset(0,0,0) - Set random_vx Self.random_vx*-1
                                                   - Set random_vy Self.random_vy*-1
    So the bullet go well in the opposite direction but with not the correct angle actually.
    I try to add bullet behavior or add anothers plug in like rex_pixel-collide with your plugin canvas to detect angle of collision and add it and the custom movement but nothing work  I search for a solution very simple too but I do not find... Thx if you coudl help me a little .
  • Again, all other behaviors won't really work with this.

    Maybe try some ideas with bouncing in just events? Here's one idea that tries horizontal then vertical movement

    x = x+vx*dt

    if overlaps wall

    --- x = x-vx*dt

    --- vx = -vx

    y = y+vy*dt

    if overlaps wall

    --- y = y-vy*dt

    --- vy = -vy

  • Ty but if i do that and not use "Iso move by offset" to move the bullet the z-ordering not work anymore ;(

  • The idea is to understand how to do collisions in 2d first. It can be used in Iso by using the same idea only utilizing the Iso move instead.

  • If I could handle the collisions by manipulating only x and y it would go

    But I think it's the function iso move to offset that I do not finally understand

  • Does this work for Zelda-style isometric gameplay, or just the "diagonal" perspective?

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  • Televangelist yes you can use this plug-in to make a zelda

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