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  • This is really nice pode. Well done!

    Pode its really simple to use as well. I just tested it out - To get it to work properly though i needed to tinker with the example cap. I may have stumbled across a bug in the process. The buttons are on a higher layer - but when the picture flips it covers the buttons (despite being on a lower layer).

    Here is the cap.x


    It still works for what im planning just thought id let you know. :)

  • I started to use this plugin to make a new project,

    it's really a beautiful plugin with amazing performance and easy to use.

    Desperately hope the new version mentioned by the first post is coming soon!

    (The possibility to set the perspective, axis (left/right,up/down), and back color.)

    Thank you Pode!

  • I am not sure if they're bugs:

    1. When I made a sprite flipped,

    the flipped frame will eternally stay on my screen after changing layout.

    (Chrome, Firefox)

    2. When I put 2 flipping sprites on the same screen,

    and flip them at the same time. the second sprite sometimes won't flip in right way.

    3. I don't know what happened.

    In my project, the sprite will move automatically to another position and resize to a smaller size after calling flip,

    and I can't reproduce this condition in the demo project.

  • gonzdevour : I'm in a rush, but the new version is coming in the next weeks.

    I completely forgot to handle the case were you change layout. I'll add a possibility to kill it.

  • I like it! I see you've ran across the Pastafarianism religion too.

  • Thank you, Pode! Can you share your capx in your demo link? The capx and the demo you post is different. When i click on button, the sprite flips from frame 0 to frame 1 and it come back to frame 0. How to remain it to frame 1 and otherwise. Thank you.

  • I have the same question with

    Pode please share your capx in the demo link thanks a lot.

  • Would be good for card games, perhaps even a paper mario effect.



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  • Hi,

    this is really a Useful Behavior. I want to use it in my Game, if I�m allowed to. But I have a question. Is it Possible to modify it, so that we can pass the 2nd Frame Number as a Parameter? So we can Flip it From Frame 0 to Frame 4, or 7 aso.

    Sorry for my Bad English. Not my Mother language :)

  • Edit: Your Plugin is raping my game up to 100% cpu usage.

    in this state its nice but useless.

  • raping? as in rape??

  • Hi, very cool effect you got here!

    I am trying to use it, but i have a problem, i tried putting 5 cards in a family with the flippy behavior on it, then on touch i flip it.

    When i flip the first card it's ok, but when i flip the second/third etc, they all flip together.

    I even tried removing them from the family and putting the behavior on each card individually and made a separated on touch flip for each card and it still flips all of them.

    any idea on how to fix it?

    here's an example capx:



  • Please could you put in the behavior a condition to destroy the sprite once fliped.

  • Hi there... Nice work there. The first thing which came in my mind is 'It can be used for page turning mechanism'. Instead of turning it from the middle, if you can do some magic and turn it from extreme left, it 'might' work. Can you please try that...

    Thanx for making a gr8 plug-in.. <img src="smileys/smiley41.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Pode i try your behavior Sprite turns only on center its possible to flip on origin point? or on left/right side?

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