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    This behavior just spawns an specified object a bunch of times within an specified range. I use this to create explosions like when you destroy Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog, or to spawn a bunch of sprites.

    Demo Here

    I did some search for someway to spawn multiple objets as sprites, first I looked at the Particles object but that one only spawns images.

    After not finding anything I decided to write this emitter that would enable me to spawn any object.

    If you think you can help me pls do it and send me an email or post on the forum thread in Scirra´s site


    Demo Here

    Download Here

    Demo Project

    Check my Platform Plus Pluggin

    Added on version 1.1

    • New icon from somebody
    • Repeat count with onFInished trigger
  • Sounds great thanks for sharing this

  • Looks promising. Will check it out! Thanks for sharing! 😎

  • This is quite Neat I used instance variables and events to do the same, but behaviour could be cleaner and leaner to use. Will definitely check it out once off-mobile.

  • Had a chance to try it - great stuff, quite useful.

    One thing I'd like is the ability to set a repeat count - with an "On Finished" event - that would be perfect, like having a barrage of explosions finished of with a big one.

    It would also be cool for something like, say, dripping slime - couple of drips drop and stop - then begin again, without the need of extra variables and such.

    In fact I like this behaviour so much I made a new icon in the style of the native ones - perhaps you'll like it and use in future versions:


  • Somebody nice icon : )

  • Awesome! I like the icon very much, I spent almost 2 hours just looking for an icon xD

    I will implement your ideas as soon as I get time to work on it, I hope next week I have it done, those are very nice features, Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    [Just updated a new version with the icon and the repeat count]

  • hazneliel - this is awesome!

    But I think I found a possible bug? If I add it as a family behaviour and try to change the repeat count using a variable like this:

    Then this happens:

    Any ideas?

    I also took the liberty of assembling a c2addon file for your behaviour for easier installation

  • Thanks

    This will come in handy

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  • Very cool!! please keep it updated hazneliel

  • Big bada boom

    Looks like a fairly nifty thing - but kinda fail to see how its different from the system-repeat.

  • hazneliel Is this Behavior still being updated? It's very useful and would be great to get it working perfectly. I've hit a few bugs like setting the Repeat Count in an event sheet gives an error at runtime. Also, I seem to be unable to set the rate of spawn through events too.

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