[BEHAVIOR] Chipmunk Physics

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  • R0J0hound


    Unable to load plugin on start up.

    Was working fine on my other computer, not sure what the issue is.


    This is a behavior.

    Have you put it in the Plugins folder instead?

  • zenox98

    That's exactly what the issue is.

    Don't even have to look to know.

    Gosh, I need to pay more attention.

    Not sure why I thought Chipmunk was a plugin.


  • In Custom Movement Behavior you can set:

    1) Sprite.CustomMovement.Speed

    2) Angle of Motion


    Sprite set CustomMovement Overall Speed

    Sprite set CustomMovement angle of motion

    Anyone can tell me how to do the same using Chipmunk? Thanks!

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  • bloodshot

    You can do that with the "set velocity" action, select polar and the first value will be angle of motion and the second speed.

  • bloodshot

    You can do that with the "set velocity" action, select polar and the first value will be angle of motion and the second speed.

    Got it. Thanks R0J0! ^_^

  • Are there any known bugs when using Chipmunk Physics together with Cocoon IO?

  • CreativeMind

    None to my knowledge, but I only use HTML export. However there shouldn't be since it's just math an JavaScript and JavaScript should ru the same everywhere.

  • hi R0J0hound

    a question,can i use this physical system on horizontal scrolls games or tileset rpg game(not a platform game),Simulation wooden cases after breaking pieces of physics,or item drops on the ground after collision of physics,like “Wayward Souls”,I've used your sample sliding wall,i think is better than physical system,but i don't know how to do a simulation wooden cases breaking pieces physics,or is just a simple animation?

  • corpvs2

    Top view can be done by setting the gravity to 0.

    To break up physics objects it's either a matter of using an animation or creating the fragment objects over the object, then destroying the original object.

  • R0J0hound

    thank you!!

  • I still don't understand the force and impulse section.

    Say I want to have an object spawn randomly on my layout and then launch itself at a random impulse value toward a random location on the layout...

    Can anyone tell me what do I use to do that? Rect or Polar?

    And what does offset mean? I'd like to make the shift over to this, rather than standard physics, but this one part doesn't seem too user friendly.

  • AnD4D

    Polar would work for that, just set the angle to the angle to that location from the object and magnitude can be the force amount.

    You can ignore the offset if you like. With zeros it's applying the force to the center of mass on the object. The offset specifies a position from the center of mass, which in turn would give some torque.

  • Nice work hound

  • Just starting to play around with chipmunk physics.

    I've setup this little test scene


    There's 2 things im trying to figure out.

    1) If you drag the box upwards quickly, the ball sinks into it about halfway, then slowly pushes up to its proper position. Is there any way to make that quicker? or not sink into the other object at all?

    2) If you drag the box down wards quickly, the ball bounces several times like its made of metal or something. Even though elasticity is set to 0 on both objects. Any way to reduce the bouncing?


  • justifun

    I think the version of chipmunk used is just kind of spongy. The only thing you can tweak is "space iterations" but that has no effect on the sponginess there. It won't be as spongy if you move by changing velocity or even better acceleration I suppose, but that may not always be possible.

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