[BEHAVIOR] Chipmunk Physics

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  • rexrainbow

    I haven't looked into getting it working with the minifier as of yet.

  • Thanks mattb, I did scan through the 25 (!) pages but nevertheless managed to miss that.

  • Hello friends , I'm making a game of a football player you have to master the ball and crash the coins up with her , driving the ball with a leap and giving the correct angle for the ball collides with the coin , to earn points .

    Accomplish this with the " Physic behaivor " but when exporting Android game run with XDK considerably slower.

    As I read "Chipmunk Physics

    " Should work better and faster.

    Try setting the game but I can not drive the ball high enough to collide with coins .

    As would be the right program to achieve that effect ?

    Herewith the CAPX .


    If I could guide and help will be very grateful .

    Greetings from Chile !

    pd: my bad English is thanks to google translator

  • Is there a way I can allow chipmunk to continue in spite of the global timescale being set to 0? I'm trying to use physics to get a neat effect on my menus. I'd tried setting the individual timescales, but the chipmunk sprites remain frozen.

  • isasaurio

    I suppose you could just give the ball an elasticity greater than 1 to make it bounce more.


    Only the main timescale works. Individual timescales aren't used because all the chipmunk objects need to have the same timescale for the simulation.

  • R0J0hound

    Yes, I applied to the ball elasticity greater than 1 , but can not make the jump and hit the head of the character can boost while colliding with coins .

  • Thanks for the reply. Would it be too much of a pain to ask for independent control of the chipmunk timescale? I guess I can disable the behavior or sleep physics objects that aren't part of the menu.

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  • R0J0hound

    Is there any way in which the shape of the object or the collision polygon can affect the center of mass. As it stands a pivot placed at the center of a pendulum shaped sprite does not cause the object to settle with the weight at the bottom as you would expect.

    Edit: Or maybe allow the user to set the COM ?

  • spongehammer the only way you can currently do this is by constraining a second invisible non-colliding object to the first, but I also think it'd be handy to manually set CoM. I'm doing a physics platformer & having a lower CoM for the player would help in a few cases. Maybe we shouldn't distract Rojo from his wrapper project though <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

    Someone mentioned kinematic objects a couple of pages back, & I've just managed to get a moving platform to work with physics object so here's the results:

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/523 ... tform.capx

    It's hacky but seems to work. A kinematic object should have infinite mass but this has a very high one (as in hold-down-the-9-key high). The platform has its velocity set directly, so gravity isn't a problem. The other defining characteristic of a kinematic body is i think that touching objects shouldn't be allowed to sleep. This didn't seem to happen so there's no events dealing with that.

    & don't laugh at my smooth cornering code.

  • spongehammer

    For shifting the CoM as mattb said is to attach multiple objects together. At least for now that's the only way.


    Looks good, you can also utilize the "on pre step" condition to negate the acceleration of gravity on the object, but looks like it's working well as is.

    The wrapper project is stalled currently. I'll pick it up again eventually though.

  • mattb


    thanks for the response.

    I had thought about another object but thought i would check first. It wouldnt have been the first time i had missed something

    Thanks for the example, very nice You can set the mass with an event if you want it infinite although i dont see any difference.

  • Could anyone tell me as where is the documentation for this behavior as on their site I have got unity & coscos documentation but nothing mentioned about construct2 ???

  • Just wondering if anyone has used this physics library for a mobile (mainly Android) game?

    R0J0hound essentially I am looking for a more lag free version of C2's physics engine. Ever since one of their updates when Ashley started working on physics and overhauled some things, my game has been running poorly.

    So, I need some alternate physics.

  • DatapawWolf

    As i recall R0J0hound says it should work. I dont think the performance will be any better though. Not tried it myself.

  • miketolsa

    There is no documentation written, although the official documentation can be referenced for some info since a lot of it is the same. There are a lot of little documentation tidbits in the descriptions when adding conditions, actions, and expressions.


    You'd have to try it and see if it performs better. I haven't used any mobile exports at all.

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