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  • X3M,

    Thanks for the suggestions and for your hard work getting this together.

    Unfortunately for me, my first task will be to retrofit an old project with the new controller. I'll do it this way for any new projects though.

  • cjbruce Have they announced the winners yet ?

  • X3M,

    Not yet! The AirConsole team was at GDC in San Francisco last week, and I imagine they are up to their eyeballs in play testing at the moment. They are planning to announce the winners on March 10th.

    I've got my fingers crossed that someone in the Construct 2 community makes the top three. It would be pretty cool if one or more of us win.

  • Ads do not seem to work properly. They are not always displayed when indicated. Who else is this?

  • Ads do not display if a premium device is connected

  • Psychokiller1888 are AirConsole developers automatically detected as premiun by ip address? If it is not, I do not have a premium account and the ads are still not displayed

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  • amariscal The controller plugin does not have ads functions, only the airconsole plugin of Psychokiller1888 has those functions. You should test with the pong.capx examples and see if they display on screen.

  • amariscal what method are you using for testing? the ad function works in the simulator but not in the developer preview when you upload via the developer panel ( at least for me when i tested it a while back)

  • I use the developer panel version. Maybe there's the problem.

  • I believe they are playing around with different ad services right now. If I recall correctly, they showed actual ads in the developer preview, but might not be showing any at the moment because they are trying to promote the hero service. I'll check tonight when I get home...

  • Curious if anyone else is running into the issue of iOS devices not being able to reconnect in after disconnecting? Android works just fine, only an issue on iPhones/iPads. After restarting the app on the device, they can get back in no problem. Any ideas on what could be causing this issue? Thanks!

  • ,

    I haven't seen this issue on our game, but we aren't running the controller plugin, just the AirConsole plugin. I'll try to do some testing this weekend.

  • cjbruce

    Thanks for looking into it. I am using the controller plugin, so right now I am trying to determine if it is an issue in the controller plugin or something on my end. I will let you know what I find. Thanks!

  • cjbruce

    I did find a fix for the iPhone reconnect issue in case anyone else comes across it. Several days ago I tried copying in the handshake code directly into the controller.html hoping that would solve the problem, and it had no effect. However, now it is suddenly working. Just copy:

    <script type="text/javascript">
      var air_console = new AirConsole();
      var sendHandshake = function() {
        air_console.message(AirConsole.SCREEN, {
          handshake: true
      air_console.onReady = function() {
      // Let the screen know we are here
      air_console.onMessage = function(device_id, data) {
        if (data.handshake) {
    into the controller.html file and it fixes this issue now.  Hopefully this helps others who run into this.  
    Happy Game Designing!
  • StillSarah Glad you got it work, I don't have an iOS device so I can't troubleshoot.

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