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    At the moment we don't have any sample projects, but the preliminary docs give details on how to start adding JS to your projects. Details on interfacing with the runtime from JS are pretty much non existent at the moment, but we're working on it. Your probably fine to toy around with it for now, but might want to wait a couple of release before starting classes with it. Hopefully we will have fleshed the feature out a bit more and completed the essentials of the documentation by then.

    • ok that works well because the next class won't be for another month or two, if at all. I know a few basic javascript things but little more than things i've tinkered with on Khan Academy which is a highly "walled garden" environment, so yea other than a few basic draw objects like ellipse(x,y,w,h); i wouldn't know how to even tinker with it, without some kind of working example to branch off from. So I will wait patiently to see how this new feature develops. Thanks for the response! :)