Rot (Construct 3 Plugins)

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  • Nice work! How do I save the generated mazes for use in loading a game later? I hope to see this grow, as it will help me in my current project, for sure!

    • I haven't looked at the plugin, but generally, with randomly-generated maps, you can remember the seed that the map was generated from. If you use the same seed later, you get the same map.

    • That's on the road map, I will work on this this week. When I have a chance. Would you like to save it the maps as json?

      • Whatever is the easiest way to implement would be fine with me. Just the random maps thing by itself was giving me fits to do, so hopefully this will do the trick.

        • okay i have published the release with the saving/loading it's 1.2, i changed all the expression name to be shorter and faster to type so if you had a project that was using it, it might not load correctly. those expression name are not gonna change any more

        • so i am going to add a download json file action, which you can use with the AJAX obj, and an expression that will also return the map as a json string, then have to load action which will load that json and render the map to a tilemap, or just load the json and you can iterate the map and create the tilemap. i'm currently testing this now, but i have to go to work soon so i will publish it later today.