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  • 28 Sep, 2017
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Microsoft recently launched the Xbox Live Creators Program, which allows anyone to publish Xbox One games with Xbox Live integration. We're excited to announce that as of Construct 2 r247 and Construct 3 r55, you can now publish your Construct games to Xbox One! There is no extra charge to publish to Xbox One — all paid Construct users can take advantage today.

The latest versions of Construct 2 and Construct 3 include the new built-in Xbox Live plugin, which allows your games to sign in to Xbox Live, retrieve account information, set presence, submit statistics, and display leaderboards. Some Xbox Live integration is required to publish with the Creators Program, and Construct's Xbox Live plugin covers these requirements and more.

Xbox Live services can also be used on Windows 10 PCs in Windows Store apps. Construct's support for both is based on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. Our leading HTML5 engine uses the latest web technologies combined with Microsoft Edge's high-performance browser engine to bring an experience that rivals native tools, while ensuring smooth portability of projects across platforms. Better still, the Fall Creators Update will allow UWP games to use more system resources on Xbox One.

The Xbox Live Creators Program is open to everyone so you can register now to get started! (Please note there is a one-time registration fee of approximately $19 for individuals or $99 for companies.) We have also published a guide on Using Xbox Live in UWP apps to help you get started.

If you have a larger game you're looking to publish to Xbox One, there's also the ID@Xbox program. You can also use Xbox Live features for IDiqn@Xbox games, but note the publishing requirements are stricter. We also intend to expand the capabilities of Construct's Xbox Live plugin in the near future to help cover IDiqn@Xbox games.

We're very happy that Construct users can now publish to a major console, and we look forwards to seeing your games! We can't wait to see what titles you come up with. In the mean time, you might also want to check out ID@Xbox's Chris Charla offering some tips on selling your Creators Program titles. Good luck!


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