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Welcome to the new Scirra website! You may have heard talk in the past about a new site coming, and here it is. There are a lot of new features to introduce to you, and I will talk a little about the choices we have made.

The Blog

Well, you found it! This blog will be written in regularly by Ash and me (Tom). We will talk about things related to Scirra of course, and the latest Construct 2 developments, but we will also use it to talk about other general things we think you will be interested in.

When a new blog entry is added, you will see a red 'new' box at the footer of this page letting you know there is a new entry. Alternatively, you can use the links on the left of this page to subscribe either by email or an RSS feed.

Tagging System

Content like blog posts and tutorials can now be tagged. Try clicking on a tag that interests you, and it will take you to a page listing all things with that tag! It should help you find relevant information extremely fast.

Tutorial System

This is the first of many major sections of the site we are going to release. It allows people to write tutorials, and they can be community edited as well to help gradually improve their quality over time (think spelling mistakes and updating out of date information). It's going to be a central location for tutorials, both for Construct Classic and Construct 2 (simply tag them differently!) Take a look at Ashleys tutorial the beginners guide to Construct 2.


Your reputation rises with positively contributing to the Scirra website. For example, if you write a good tutorial people enjoy, and people upvote it, you will be awarded with some reputation points! The more reputation points you earn, the more the website will trust you and open up more features for you to use, for example, being able to edit other peoples tutorials, or delete unacceptable comments.

New Forum

Due to technical reasons, we had to leave PHPBB3 behind! We have now moved over to WebWiz forums. All your accounts, passwords and posts are still intact.

New Server

Not only did we dump our old forums, we have also dumped the old server. We have a swanky new shiny one now, which performs a lot better, and is a lot more reliable.

Completely Rewritten

The site has been completely rewritten from the ground up to help us target a larger audience, make the site more welcoming and accessible, and to make it a lot more fun and useful for you guys!

The Future

LOTS more to come. Seriously. We want this to be the best website for game makers out there. We will be releasing major sections one at a time, to ensure that the current implemented sections are operating perfectly and are useful. Look forward to a manual system, online arcade, plugin exchange and much more in the future.

Any comments?

This is the first release - there are going to be hiccups along the way, perhaps some missing pages, spelling errors and so on. If you find any, please let us know in the forum!

Enjoy your stay at Scirra.com! Try out the comments box below :)

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