Introducing the Scirra HTML5 arcade

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  • 23 Nov, 2011
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We're pleased to release our online arcade for all your Construct 2 games! You can visit the arcade by clicking 'Arcade' on the top bar or by clicking this link.

These will soon be a thing of the past with Construct 2's Super Interweb Arcade Machine

This new release coincides with a new release which gives you a new option — export to Scirra Arcade. For full instructions on how to get your games on the Scirra Arcade via Construct 2 read Ashley's new tutorial on uploading games to the arcade.

The Scirra online is one of the only fully hosted online arcades that accept user HTML5 games. There's no Flash anywhere in sight! A pure HTML5 online arcade.

The arcade has a few limitations at first for security reasons. Currently the Arcade only supports the built-in plugins and behaviors, except for WebStorage, AJAX, Browser and Facebook. These plugins are not currently allowed on the Arcade, nor currently are any third-party plugins or behaviors. We will be working on supporting these plugins and more soon!

It should also be noted that sometimes hosting games like this can cost a phenomenal amount of bandwidth. As it's a free arcade we have to plan to offset this cost slightly. At the moment we have some Construct 2 adverts about but it's best to be aware this sort of thing could change in the future. Our aim though is to provide a place where all Construct 2 games can be hosted for free!

There's a few more features on the way soon (comments in arcade for example). Look for them soon! Do you have any suggestions for the arcade? Leave them below and we'll think about adding them!


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