Construct 3

Release r28

17 May, 2017 ()


UI updates and loads of bug fixes!

23 Changes

  • 'Remote preview' option to main menu
  • Preview toolbar button now available on mobile
  • On desktop, the Preview toolbar button now also has a dropdown menu with options to preview the project or remote preview
  • Opening the browser save dialog will attempt to request persistent storage permission, and display a warning if it fails.
  • Hide the expressions dictionary back button when showing the root elements
  • Image editor pencil tool now snaps to whole whole pixels
  • Double-clicking an expression no longer selects all, just the clicked word. Triple-click selects all.
Bug fix
  • Crash cloning an object type with family instance variables/behaviors/effects
  • Crash pasting events referencing missing project files (now displays a message)
  • 'Else' events did not always update their valid state after making changes to the event sheet
  • Starting Remote Preview with a normal preview open, or vice versa, didn't work
  • Corrected aspect ratio calculation in the resize dialog of the image editor
  • Properly disable keyboard input of the image editor when it is closed
  • Tilemap editor crash when using the rectangle tool
  • Bug preventing the scroll bars in the image editor from working after the first time closing it
  • Crash when removing global project objects while the Z-Order Bar is open
  • Fixed Project Bar UI state save/restore
  • Brush tool color becomes black when any snap option is turned on
  • Crash when updating the image points tool in the image editor
  • Crash when resizing a tilemap instance to negative values
  • Crash when changing text file extension to binary file extension
  • Text files that look like array or dictionary files will open in the data editor, even if they have a different extension
  • Hang exporting empty project with "deduplicate images" enabled


We've had another influx of bug reports coinciding with the gamejam, and we've already fixed a big batch of them! We're getting great feedback so far, so please keep it coming, and we hope you're enjoying using the full version of Construct 3!

One of the more visible changes this release is we've madeRemote Previewa bit easier to find by adding it in more places in the UI. The 'Preview' button is also now present on mobile, and on desktop it has a small dropdown so you can choose different kinds of preview.

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