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Downloading at 20kbps

  • Hello,

    I would like ask if is happening something with the Scirra servers, because I'm trying to download the lastest beta and I got 20kbps.

    I did a trace route to the file: scirra.com/downloads/releases/construct2-r124-setup_6947882.exe

    and got it:

    1 xe-1-0-1.50.ar1.nu.registro.br ( 0.338 ms

    2 ae0-0.core1.nu.registro.br ( 0.590 ms

    3 xe-5-0-0-0.core1.gc.registro.br ( 0.794 ms

    4 xe-0-0-0-0.gw1.gc.registro.br ( 0.792 ms

    5 ge-2-0-1.ar4.gru1.gblx.net ( 1.422 ms

    6 po1-20G.ar8.NYC1.gblx.net ( 146.801 ms

    7 atlantic-metro-com.tengigabitethernet6-3.ar8.nyc1.gblx.net ( 173.115 ms

    8 ve22.cr1.nj3.amcbb.net ( 172.505 ms

    and on another computer:

    C:\>tracert scirra.com

    Rastreando a rota para scirra.com []

    com no m?ximo 30 saltos:

    1     1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms Red []

    2     9 ms     5 ms     5 ms gvt-l0.b6.cta.gvt.net.br []

    3     5 ms     6 ms     5 ms gvt-te-7-1.rd02.cta.gvt.net.br []

    4     7 ms    11 ms    11 ms [187.115.2 13.37]

    5    14 ms    11 ms    11 ms [187.115.2 20.42]

    6    14 ms    15 ms    15 ms [187.115.2 15.78]

    7    17 ms    23 ms    30 ms [187.115.2 13.94]

    8    12 ms    12 ms    12 ms xe-1-0-2.ar4.gru1.gblx.net []

    9   159 ms   159 ms   160 ms po1-20G.ar8.NYC1.gblx.net []

    10   239 ms   237 ms   251 ms atlantic-metro-com.tengigabitethernet6-3.ar8.nyc

    1.gblx.net []

    11   230 ms   231 ms   233 ms ve22.cr1.nj3.amcbb.net []

    12   248 ms   247 ms   247 ms reliablesite.dmarc.nj3.atlanticmetro.net [108.60 .144.14]

    Rastreamento conclu?do.

    PS.: I have ADSL 10mb/s and always downloaded at 1.2mb/s.

  • We recently upgraded our server connection to 10x faster, partly to handle the increased load during new releases. Last release (before r124) I watched the server capacity during launch and it barely came up to 25% usage of the server network. So I think it must be an issue with your connection or ISP.

    Construct 2's reasonably popular in Brazil - I guess it might be possible it's too much contention on regional networks? We could look in to setting up torrents for releases too, since the download is getting fairly big these days.

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  • Yes, C2 is very popular here, you don't have idea! You guys will come here for the Soccer Cup?

    I'm teaching for 20 kids on a communitary project, 2 times by month on my saturdays using the free license =]

    To have a torrent file would be great, I couldn't download the file before anata (http://www.scirra.com/forum/topic65847.html) post it on his server as mirror.

    So, maybe the reason for the slow speed is the ISP, if the Scirra link is this big.

    edited: I asked for some friends and they are getting the slow speed too, maybe an optical fiber broke and it's funneling the connection with the Europe/America =\

  • As Ash said it could be anything in-between our server and your computer, we aren't aware of any problems relating to anything we have control over.

    We'll look into torrents as an alternative distribution.

  • Thank you Tom.

    We could have two type of installers too, one full and one update for everyone who already have a full install, always we have new implementations that is necessary to update the full pack, it could be full, but if is a beta without any huge change, it could be smaller.

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