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Endless Cave Quest (With Source)

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    <p>PROJECT FEATURES:</p><p>randomly generated combinations</p><p>arrays</p><p>touch control</p><p>You found a mysterious endless cave full of locked doors. Each door that leads to next level must be opened by unique combination of magical keystones. Start this beautiful escape room memory trainer, endless challenging quest NOW begins!</p><p>Remember the correct order of the stones shown at the begining of each level and then repeat it without any mistake, excercise your memory by play and escape room! If you make a mistake, you can retry until you successfully open the door. If you finish last level, you will escape the labyrinth of the endless cave that leads to the paradise!</p><p>After you complete each level, you recieve 1-3 stars:</p><p>* With 3 or more tries you get only 1 star.</p><p>* With 1-3 tries you get 2 stars.</p><p>* If you complete the level at first try, you receive 3 stars.</p><p>You need to collect the stars to unlock more levels:</p><p>* 10 total stars unlock level 6</p><p>* 12 total stars unlock level 7</p><p>* 15 total stars unlock level 8 - 10</p><p>* 25 total stars unlock level 11 - 15</p><p>* 35 total stars unlock level 16 - 20</p><p>If you need any help, contact me! Fast Support. :-)</p>

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