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Scirra Store Music Requests?

  • Hello folks. I am a musician. I specialize in playing the guitar, but I have begun composing music using Ableton Live. I noticed the store doesn't have a lot of music. I was hoping I could rectify that. I want to know what you guys want to see.

    At the moment I can't do anything guitar related (no recording equipment). I have the resources to make some 8-bit/chiptune music or really anything else. I have been experimenting with blending it with more contemporary sounds, and I think it sounds pretty neat. Down the road I can submit some of my guitar-based loops (I've been told it sounds like game music).

    So, what kind of stuff do you guys need/want?

    -Specific musical genres?

    -Game genres?

    -Settings (future, medieval, desert, underwater)?

    -Situations (combat, boss battles, exploration, triumph etc.)?

    -Particular instrumentation (aforementioned guitar loops, chiptune stuff, rock band, string quartet, solo piano)?

    -Loop oriented music or 'song-like' music?

    I was thinking of making loop packs with a bunch of shortish tunes that cover a bunch of situations. Back in my RPG Maker days listening to the bundled music was one of my favorite parts of the experience, it'd be cool to provide Construct 2 with such a selection.

    My apologies if this isn't in the right section. I am not trying to advertise my services to anyone (that is a little down the road), just looking to know what the community wants.

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