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Any advice for an initial testing phase?

  • My game's approaching the point where I want to open it up to a sort of early beta phase in order to get a good mix of people playing it, then use their feedback to inform the rest of the development. Hard to judge these things, but I'd say it'll be about 30%-40% complete by the time I do this. Has anyone done anything like this before and have you any advice about it before I do?

    I've thought of using a closed Facebook group, but would something like Newgrounds be better? Does Newgrounds let you restrict who can play/see your stuff? It'll mostly just be friends of mine, but if anyone here's interested in getting involved shoot me a message and I'll add you to the list

  • i would be interested in beta testing this game

    but i dont use Facebook

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  • There are a lot of options for beta testing you own game. Since you are planning on just having friends you could export it as an executable and give it to them. You could also use Dropbox or Google Drive. Both allow you to share with only certain people.

    Below are 2 tutorials that discuss ways to share your game:

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