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  • Well, I've come across 2 problems after trying to continue work on a project...

    The 3d objects display perfectly in the editor, but once I run the cap... They swap textures, or don't display properly at all... It's really, really weird...

    In fact, try this: Open the platformer template, and add 2 seperate 3d boxes. On the second, change the texture of the front face. Run, and the first block will actually take the texture of one of the sprites...

    I'll try to upload images and a sample cap soon, my connection is being dead slow for some reason... (probably this old router, since someone spilled water on the new one and I had to replace that one with this... >_< )

    Also, I created a few event sheets, and then I realized that I should have made a seperate event sheet for the basic engine movement and each layout's event sheets include that one, and also any layout specific events...

    So I made a new event sheet, with all the movement, and tried to assign the "engine core" event sheet to layout 2 to test.. However, Construct would I guess, ignore me and keep the dropdown blank... Anyone run into any problems assigning event sheets to different layouts?

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  • I think the 3D box issue was reported already. I get it too.

    As for the other, can't say, but probably will be fixed as well.

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