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Watchfire for Firefox OS

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    I copy and paste the blog to which I belong as a collaborator, to inform them of a new application for Firefox OS will be available this month.

    '' It has been sent to the app store terminal OS Firefox ( Firefox Marketplace) and these are some of the features of this little App that allows real-time chat in multiple rooms .

    Watchfire is automatically updated without downloading on our own updates, has been launched with version 1.0 and although now offers a very basic services , as they are only 3 chat rooms and chat options are very limited , in their next releases will offer images and audio sent to other users and also video . Although the application is to be paid the initial payment will only be made , completely free your future updates without having to download as explained before, as it is updated automatically.

    We acquire Watchfire the Firefox Marketplace next week at a price of � 0.89 / $ 0.99 . ''

    Source: icontacta.blogspot.com

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  • I copy and paste new information InteractiveContacta Official Blog (Translated from English to Spanish with google ) : The launch of the instant messaging application Watchfire in Firefox OS was announced yesterday and will be available on the 10th of this month November , 2013.

    It will be released in version 1.0 , a version according InteractiveContacta very early , but that only give way to its second version 2.0 will be available in December this year 2013 that will feature more news .

    1.0 Watchfire features :

    Three rooms available , Spain , USA and universal room .

    The texts of the menus are in English only.

    Ability to chat more than 500 people at a time in each room .

    Watchfire 2.0 Features :

    Add 10 more rooms .

    Option that enables us to create our own room .

    Menu available in English and Spanish languages

    Send images.

    As we can see , although there are many, the next features to be added to version 2.0 of Watchfire improve enough initial version 1.0 that will be released this 10th.

    As previously reported , the application is automatically updated , so we only purchase our Watchfire app once, and we will not bother to re-download or re- pay for it anymore.

    InteractiveContacta informed , that in future updates after version 2.0 would add the option for video calls , an option that still can not increase due to incompatibility suffering for now Firefox OS with the option UserMedia and WebRTC .

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