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[Android & Web] Addicting Game - Spaceroids

  • Description:

    "Spaceroids" is addictive arcade game which depends on Timing, Anticipation, and Luck. Use your hand to launch the space rocket to explore the solar system and travel between planets on the "Endless" mode, or control your spaceship and test your skill on the challenging set of levels!


    App Name: Spaceroids

    Price: Free

    Developer: Qalamar

    Release Date: 8 July 2017

    Platforms: Android, Web (HTML5)

    Press/Business Contact:




    • Addictive Gameplay & Simple Controls

    • Unique Levels & Endless Mode

    • Neat Theme & Breathtaking Visual Effects

    • Achievements & Leaderboards

    • Player States & Dynamic UI

    • 3 Supported Languages: English,Arabic and French


    Google Play:



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