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Pinball Sandbox Editor Demo Working

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    > > lamar. You are certainly onto something big here. Yes, there is plenty work to be done to get some things right but very commendable efforts. I have tried the editor and I like the direction the project is taking. This is an excellent project. Don't stop!

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    > Thanks- I am excited about this project and see some real potential. I am amazed at how many websites and forums are dedicated to Pinball both traditional and video and there are lots of people that I think would like this sandbox creator. Not hard to learn and you can design your own game playfield in a few minutes or create your own assets for hardcore game designers.


    > I am designing ramps and chutes today which will really add to the affect.


    congrats lamar

    i believe last year some time ago. i made a comment in the forum that a good pinball template would be a gold mine for 2d game devs and artists. i think pinball has as much room for expression, mood and artistic interpretation as platformers. especially when unique elements to digital pinball are incorporated.

    Thanks Hario- yes getting the physics working and the feel of a real pinball game has been a real struggle. The physics in C2 are pretty good but because the computer is off doing other things it sometimes misses a collision or jumps a ball when it shouldn't and is always playing catchup with controls.

    I had to do a lot of tweaking with the physics settings for velocity and iterations to get it to work and the C2 tutorials do a terrible job of explaining how those effect objects in motion and collision especially in fast action moving games like pinball with both a ball and flippers moving at the same time.

    That is why most high quality video games are designed for dedicated game machines like PS4 and Xbox because the processor only has one task .

    I noticed improvement when I shut down all other webpages and anything that is running that might distract the computer. It works better in the stand alone game but I think with a little more tweaking I can get an acceptable video pinball game that real pinballers will enjoy.

    The editor is still in early draft stage as I am designing assets and playfields right now but I have the concept and controls for how I want the user to be able to modify and create their own games.

    I just watched "Special When Lit" a documentary on Pinball which was interesting:


    I am really getting into the Pinball history and online culture that I did not know was still very popular so I can make my own creations better and also develop some marketing channels for when I have a completed project.

    Anyway, glad you are enjoying it and I will be updating about every day now as I add new features and I appreciate the feedback.

  • lamar

    you have hit the tip of the proverbial pinball iceberg.

    once completed, this sandbox could grab the attention of not only pinballers but those who did not know they were pinballers until this came along. sharing custom boards and assests is something that could definitely build a community.

    good luck...as nick fury would say...i've got my eye on you.

  • lamar

    are you going to support flat/overhead tables as well unique table shapes?

  • lamar

    are you going to support flat/overhead tables as well unique table shapes?

    I will do a flat table that allows you to draw the layout and insert components. I think that would be easier for people to design and use their own assets. The perspective view looks more realistic but designing assets is a pain and beyond many people's ability.

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  • UPDATE: I added a new layout and components and new leaderboards. More layouts coming soon.


    New Layout:

  • it reminds me the old pinball game from windows..

    nice work!

    do you think to put some missions to do?

  • it reminds me the old pinball game from windows..

    nice work!

    do you think to put some missions to do?

    Thanks- I looked at the old windows pinball builder for some ideas.

    I am trying to come up with themes like golf and bowling and maybe a zombie game. I will be creating more layouts and components and then you will be able to use the components in your own layouts and add in decals and give it your own artistic talent.

    Coming up with ideas for mission layouts is the hard part!

  • lamar

    this should help with the ideas department...


    also, the new tables look great. i did not realize how much better the play experience would be with better graphics.


  • Updated Pinball Sandbox with Simpson's Theme Fan Game:


    I also tweaked the flipper and ball for better finite control and added some grit to the ball so you can aim it very accurately. You can really control the ball about as well as in real pinball now with a little practice.

    The game scoring and missions are still in development but you can see where I am headed.

    I am working on the editor and also a mobile version and flat screen editor version for people that want to design their own games.

    I have a website set up now so I can start promoting the game and sandbox editor when it is finished:


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