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12 Games 12 Weeks Challenge

  • Hey everyone!

    So I had found an article about an indie developer who was new to developing and had challenged himself to do 12 games in 12 weeks (1 game a week) to some great success and thought maybe it would be a good challenge for myself since I have had trouble finishing the last couple games I'm working on.

    So I started last week and "completed" my first game PixelGolf which is similar to the iOS game Desert Golf. Not beautiful to look at but I made all the tiles myself in Pyxel edit and it worked out quite nicely.

    Game 1 Link (GameJolt):

    Game 1 Link (Kongregate):

    My tumblr I'm updating with info and the next 11 games so keep checking back, I have some other great ideas to come in the next 11 weeks.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback! Thanks

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  • I love to see a clone of super crate box.

    Maybe you can add it to your list.

  • A0Nasser That's actually a great idea, that game has such a simple idea but is very well done and very addicting. I think that will go on the list, thanks!

  • Game 2 is complete..ish. Thanks to A0Nasser for the idea of a clone of Super Crate Box. Here it is a small clone of Super Crate Box

  • Awesome, good job.

    If you will update the game make the bullets faster

  • Thanks again A0Nasser, yea Super Box Hunt definitely could use some tweaks for the bullets and probably the movement speed also.

    On a side note, I stumbled across a guy doing a video on my PixelGolf game which was quite surprising!

  • Djfuzion Ahh yes, RockLeeSmile, i watch him all the time and i was really happy that he made a video about your game, he mentioned some improvements that could be made to the game i think they're useful.

  • Wisdoms Yea I never heard of him before but I like his style for sure and subscribed. Yea his suggestions were actually exactly what I wanted to do, I have started making a level editor, made the background a bit nicer, added a firework at the end of each hole lol. It was definitely a moral boost for me to work a bit more on it! Would love to add a bunch of stuff to it because I really enjoy it.

  • Welp I missed last week since some things came up but I have my 3rd game using the wonderful template from the Scirra Store SurvivAstero, which I'm just calling SpaceWaves for now. Made some tweaks to the controls and used some space sprites also from the Scirra store along with some music I made on my iPad for fun. Let me know what you think.

    Also check out PixelGolf again, added some leaderboards which is fun to see who can get the lowest score (still me!)

    Thanks for looking and trying out the games and I got some real fun ones coming next!

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