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[Platformer][Work in Progress][Feedback]Pinwheel

  • Game:

    Pinwheel is a one-directional, side-scrolling, 2d platformer, where you control a pinwheel. The levels are randomly generated, and extend infinitely in one direction. Every level offers a new and unique build, which provides for challenging and rewarding fun.

    After you have collected a set amount of coins, you can unlock different seasons that add a refreshing look to the game play. You can also unlock new colors for your pinwheel in the store.

    In the level, there the three different kinds of traps: spikes, mines, and saws. There is 15 unlockable colors and 4 unlockable seasons.

    There are multiple layers that are used to add depth to the game, and coins that spawn randomly throughout each level.

    This game is cross-platform, and works on both mobile phone, and computers.



    I plan to release the game to the Web through clay.io. Windows, Mac, and Linux will be released though . I also plan to release to the Firefox marketplace. I would like to release to the Chrome Webstore, possibly once the other planed platforms are released.

    This game is my entry for the .


    Although I am the sole developer of this game, it would not be possible without the graphical additions of some great people on the internet.

    for providing inspiration for the pinwheels.

    Pixel Pirate for the foliage throughout the game.

    Johan Olivier - Artist and soul founder of dravenx games, for the explosion graphic from his platform kit.

    Please visit my blog at for more info about me.



    • Land Generation
    • Unlock store
    • Graphics
    • Touch Controls
    • Keyboard Controls
    • Character Controller
    • Sprite font is changed do a new font.

    Work in Progress:

    • About Page (Needs to look better)
    • Game Over (Need Leader-boards)
    • Social Network Buttons (Don't work)
    • Music (Caused a weird bug)
    • Gameplay (Always open for improvements)

    If you guys have any suggestions on what I can do to improve the game-play, or the overall level of enjoyment of this game, please leave a reply below.

    If you have any mechanical issues, please also let me know so I can fix them as soon as possible.

    Please also leave a reply if you liked anything in the game or have any questions.

    Test build:

    Use the Arrow Keys, A&D keys, or the Pads to move left or Right. Use the Up Arrow, W, Space, Z or the Up Pad to Jump/Double Jump. Collect Coins and watch out for traps!

    Thanks to sved for the template! Good luck on your game!

  • Audio and leaderboars are comming soon.

  • Great game! Everyone should play my bro's game!

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  • Thanks sis I wish it was that easy!

  • Updated the Sprite-font so it is not the default font. Now uses the same font as the Title and Buttons.

    +1 to blackhornet and the Sprite Font Generator.

  • Music and gem system are commingle soon, so be on the lookout!

  • This is super nice! Very catchy and the right amount of simple. Liking the look a lot but not very into the text. Try to have fun with the interfaces and menus, make them match the actual game graphics a bit more. The challenge is very nice, would love to see things getting visually more interesting the farther you get. Perhaps a nice but light/faint particle trail behind the pinwheel as it jumps and lands. Keep it up, it is looking nice.

  • kraed

    Thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate it.,

    The text has been changed, but for some reason is not being updated in dropbox. I am also considering the aaddition of a particle to move behind the player, as well as snow and leaves falling for each respective season.

    Thanks again for the feedback!


  • Huge Update!

    • Added Gems with a Save-Me system. You must have one gem in order to use. Gems are rare, so you might have to play a few times before you find one.
    • Added Music, a Jump Sound, a Coin Pickup Sound, a Gem Pickup Sound, a Mine Explosion Sound, and a Hit Sound!
    • Added the option to turn off the pads if you aren't playing on mobile.
    • Made the new font work.

    Next up we have the addition of difficulty, some additional visuals, a credits page, and a continued search for the white lines in-between the blocks.

    The link has been updated, your previous progress will not be saved until the game is uploaded to clay.io. These versions are exclusively for testing purposes.

    Please stay tuned as I continue to update!

  • I like it . Very addictive . Keep up the good work.

  • DravenX Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback. Your sprites are awesome btw!

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