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Uploading problem...

  • Hi there,

    I just finished my game and im not able to upload it anywhere. If I use Scirra arcade I get error that says "Zip contains file extensions not on the whitelist". I thought it's because I had .scml file in there so i deleted it and then there was another error "Your game appears to use plugins/behaviours not allowed!". The only one plugin I use is Spriter plugin and I have no idea why it has problem with Spriter.

    Then I tryed upload it on the web and the game loading bar turns into red at 50% loaded ().

    There is .capx file:

    Thanks for any help. )

  • Bezza How are you exporting your game? Also this is not an issue caused by Spriter.

    You may want to read How to Publish and Promote Games

    You may also want to read How to Export Game

  • I just click export button, then I choose Scirra arcade and export it... After that I choose submit to Scirra arcade, choose exported project (game.zip) and after while it shows the error "Zip contains file extensions not on the whitelist".

  • Bezza Here is a list of supported plugins and behaviors.

    Plugins: AJAX, Arr, Audio, Button, Browser, C2WebSocket, Dictionary, Facebook, Function, gamepad, Geolocation, googleplay, IAP, List, Keyboard, Mouse, NinePatch, NodeWebkit, Particles, progressbar, ScirraArcade, shadowlight, sliderbar, Sprite, Spritefont2, Text, TextBox, TiledBg, Tilemap, Touch, Twitter, UserMedia, video, WebStorage, win8, XML

    Behaviors: EightDir, Anchor, bound, Bullet, Car, custom, destroy, DragnDrop, Fade, Flash, jumpthru, LOS, NoSave, Pathfinding, Persist, Physics, Pin, Platform, Rotate, scrollto, shadowcaster, Sin, Solid, Timer, Turret, Wrap

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  • Thanks for the list. So I can't upload my game on Scirra arcade because I'm using Spriter plugin. Now I would know why my game has problem to load on web. Somehow it gets Cache error.

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