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Text Input - Android Keyboard Issue (Bug?)

  • Not sure if I should be posting this in the bugs forum or here but there's a really annoying issue, wondering if anyone has a workaround / suggestions for things to try? other than creating or using a virtual keyboard.

    On an iOS device when you focus on a text field, no matter what kind of Full Screen Scaling you have for your project, Inner, Outer, etc, the keyboard stays on...

    On Android not so much... if you have Scale Inner on. The keyboard disappears when you focus and before you can even type a single letter.

    here's a quick video showing this

    Scale outer fixes it, but then causes layout issues, so how do I get Scale inner to work with the keyboard on Android?

    possible related issue? >

  • I just wanted to update this thread with a solution.

    The gist of it is, if your text input field is near the top of your layout, then it can fall off the layout when things are pushed up, this is what causes the keyboard to appear and disappear so quickly, So just position it to be lower than a keyboards length from the top and you should be fine.

    It's a shame this isn't documented in the manual anywhere, wasted so many days on this. annoying as hell.

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  • yes, I agree with you, we need more advanced function added to this textbox for many purpose and I hope C2 team will fix this issue for next update, hopefuly

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