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How to get UID of two Overlapping objects ?

  • Hello here is my problem :

    I have 10 instances of the same sprite,

    I want that when one instance is overlapping another instance, one of the two instances stop its movement.

    But when I put the condition : when sprite is overlapping sprite -> stop the movement

    The problem is that the two instances stop their movement whereas I want only one of the 2 to stop its movement.

    So is there a way to get the UID of the two Overlapping objects and to do action separately with the two object ?

    Thanks for the answers

  • Use System|Pick Sprite Instance nth as a sub-event under the collision/overlap event.

    As a subevent after a collsion event there are only two instance to pick. The two instances that are overlap.

    It would look like this:

    Sprite| Is overlapping Sprite

    ...System|Pick Sprite Instance 0 -> Do something with the Sprite with the lower UID than the other.

    If you use 1 then you pick the Instance with the higher UID from both.

    To pick the UID from each one do this.

    Sprite| Is overlapping Sprite -> System| Set myUID1 to Sprite.UID

    ...System|Pick Sprite Instance 1 -> System| Set myUID2 to Sprite.UID

  • Really thanks Asmodean for the help, Here is a link to a capx that illustrates how to pick seperately two instances that are in collision done with your help :

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/rg7bpuodhq6e1 ... .capx?dl=0

    It's the same way to select instances with collision and overlapping, so I thought it was more interesting for me to put an example based on collision and physics for people to see how it works.

    in this capx, 2 sprites have physics gravity on it, when there is a collision, one sprite will jump and the other one will see its width increase, download the project with the link you will understand, if questions post it.

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  • That's a really nice example. Even after a year with Construct it amazed me how little code it take to make such a example.

    Nice work!

  • Yes it doesn't take a lot of code to do that, that's nice ! Thanks

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