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How do I monetize Facebook Game?!

  • I've AdSense account and i can use banners to monetize my games on my own website, but how to monetize Facebook game? as i know AdSense doesn't allow ads within iframe and publishing a C2 game on facebook makes it "iframed" or aganist AdSense policy.

    I searched the web for an answer but i didn't find a clear one.

    for example:-

    ""Currently there is Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) over whether using AdSense in a Facebook app will get your account closed by AdSense, and whether it will get your app banned by Facebook.""


    so how to monetize Facebook games ?!


  • Facebook in app payments

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  • lanceal

    Where can i find this "Facebook in app payments" ?!

    I want to use banner ads on Facebook, do you know how to achieve that?

    Thanks for help.

  • I believe but I'm not 100% certain that you can't use banner ads on Facebook without violating the developer TOS. In app payments allow you to monetize part of your game such as allow users to get 10 extra lives for $0.99 or something to that affect. It used to be fairly straight forward to setup, but Facebook changed how they handle payments now. You need a pretty good understanding of the php programming language to set it up yourself.

  • I recently created a tutorial where you can learn to make your own plugins by creating a copy of my old Facebook payments plugin. You or anyone else can find the tutorial here at . I do ask that anyone who uses it, likes the tutorial and keeps me in mind if they ever have any freelance work to complete.

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