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How do I link and switch between animation states

  • Hey all. Hope this question makes sense. I had a little idea for a "pseudo" pseudo 3D infinite racer type game. The idea was to use animation clips to simulate 3D movement throughout a track. I'm using sloppily edited Rad Racer 2 art for now.

    I'm having trouble linking each "road state" or road segment together. Here's a capx example. I want the game to start from state 0(start), go to 1(drive straight), go to 2(turn right, road animation turns from straight to right), go to 3(animation loops driving right), then go back to 1. Just a quick simplebut I can't get it to work. My turn right animation doesn't play once, it plays mulitple times and drive right doesn't even play.

    I was directed to an actual Outrun plug in so I'm going to explore that but I'm curious how I can get my animations system to "link" correctly.

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  • Graphics look nice.

    I'm not sure using the wait action is the best choice as it can act not as you think it would sometimes (events stack as a queue).

    Here is a version using a timer :

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