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How do I get the digits of a value from global variable.

  • I need to get them separetly to insert the number in the Variables Digit1, Digit2 and Digit3. However, I have no clue how to do that.

    Could someone enlighten me?

  • if you have a

    global number MyNumber = 123456[/code:3vjecb8n]
    For any digit n (counting from 0) from the right the formula would be:[code:3vjecb8n]floor(MyNumber/10^n)%10[/code:3vjecb8n]
    for example:[code:3vjecb8n]floor(MyNumber/10^0)%10  -> 6
    floor(MyNumber/10^1)%10  -> 5
    floor(MyNumber/10^2)%10  -> 4
    ... etc[/code:3vjecb8n]
  • Yann

    Could you please, explain me what these operators does(^, %)?I just know what floor expression does. I'm looking at the tutorials but I couldn't understand.

    Thank you for your attention.

  • ^ is the exponent operator

    10^0 = 1
    10^1 = 10
    10^2 = 100
    etc...[/code:nisj0wkv]now in the formula, the / 10^n just set the digit you want to be the first digit.
    % is the modulo operator
    It's formal definition would be that it's the remainder of the euclidean division of two numbers
    for example: [code:nisj0wkv]5 : 3 = 1 with remainder 2[/code:nisj0wkv]
    If you don't like this explanation you can also look at how it behaves according to different input to get a feel for it (after all we're not mathematicians)
    for example:[code:nisj0wkv]0%3 = 0
    1%3 = 1
    2%3 = 2
    3%3 = 0
    4%3 = 1
    5%3 = 2
    6%3 = 0
    (see how things cycle?)[/code:nisj0wkv]now in the formula, the % 10  just gives you the first digit of any number
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  • Yann

    I got it. Man, I love you. That's so cool!

    Now i'm going to see how I'll put this into my event sheet.

    Yes, I'm not a mathematician, I'm a grafic designer with an old passion to make my own game.

    Thank you a lot, man. I'm very grateful.

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