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How do I create .pkg file?

  • I want to create .pkg file (Mac app)

    I downloaded the nw.js

    What next? How can I create .pkg file with Mac?

  • Um, I'm not sure what you're looking for when stating "pkg"...

    Do you simply want to export using NW.js?

    You can do that when choosing the export method.

    Just choose NW.js and you will export to an executable, which one depends on your OS.

    NW.js supports Mac, Linux and Windows.

    Since you're on Mac, you should be fine.

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  • Hi!

    Pkg file is the mac desktop app.

    So if you create mobil app for iOS then you will get .ipa file.

    If you want to create mac app then you need to create .pkg file.

    The NW.js I already installed.

    I found this

    but I do not know what this mean

    Install with npm:

    npm install -g nwjs-macappstore-builder

    Where I need to run this line?

  • So, if you export with NW.js, then you should get five folders, one of them being "osx64".

    The contents of that folder will be your export.

    Now I don't have any experience with MacOS, so I can't directly help you with MacOS.

    You might wanna have a look at this, especially at the "Publishing on OS X and Linux" section.

    npm install -g nwjs-macappstore-builder

    Also, this looks like a command line execution to me.

    I believe, on OS X, it's called terminal. You'll have to google the rest for yourself, as I said, I never used OS X.

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