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What features does Phonegap support?

  • Today's blog post from Ashley in regards to Phonegap's performance under IOS8:

    Since it always had been said to avoid Phonegap in the past, I ( and probably many others) have no idea, what features Phonegap supports.

    Could someone please quickly recap the current situation of Phonegap? Can I use IAP, Ads, splashscreens, etc etc? Can I set up everything smoothly like with Intel XDK or do I have to hope for the best? What about memory management? Is it reliable? Any known issues?

    edit: In the blog it sais: Our latest betas cover some ground with supporting ads and by the next stable release we expect to also support Game Center and IAP with PhoneGap.

    But the question remains, what about the overall accessibility and usability?

    Thank you =)

  • I'm interested in this info as well, I would also like to know if Phonegap will support any other ad networks besides Admob?

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  • PhoneGap is pretty straight-forward

    Regarding iOS IAP, use the IAP object in C2 and follow this tutorial:

    Regarding iOS Ads * Other than Admob, you can use iAds with PhoneGap, try out these tutorials:

    Best Regards

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