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Touch.SpeedAt different in Preview and exported on iOS?

  • Hi. I just noticed something strange. In Preview when I open the local IP on my iPhone the touch controls feel good and responsive but when I export as HTML5 page and upload it to my server the scrolling is very bad and does not move very much at all when I drag/swipe. How can it be that Preview behaves differently on same phone/browser?

    Here is the code:

    you can test the exported version here:

    (cant upload the capx sorry)

  • plays smoothly on my machine (chrome)

    also, there's gotta be a smarter way to organize those events. seems like you are doing a ton of un necessary actions in there.

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  • Right, I changed it a lot and ended up with this mess. But it was much worse before.

    I have another inverted "is in touch" to set the default values for every object (max speed, accel). I think I will rework it with the next update but its strange that it very often is sooooo slow on Safari (in browser and on "home screen" as app). After reloading it 10 times sometimes it works fast as expected (same as on pc). But I could not find a reason why it is so slow most of the time on iOS. I hope it runs smooth on Edge since its a Win10 app. I have the web export just for me cause my WinPhone is broken.

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