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Not a bug, But usability improvememt

  • Hello team!

    In the File button, to the left of Home, you can close a tab or the selected tab's project. But theres no way to close all opened projects from this menu.

    Similar with right clicking a tab. You should be able to close all tabs from there too. Or not?

    A quicky to add, maybe a "recover last closed tab" option? Similar to browsers tabs do?

    As you see this is no bug but just a suggestion that i prefer to throw here.

    See you all after my vacations! Good luck with your updates, the 100th release seems promising!

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  • (Moving to Construct 2 general as it's a suggestion and not a bug)

    You can already close all other tabs from right-clicking a tab. Does that do what you need?

    I've never felt a 'recover last tab' is really useful in an editor - it's not like there are complicated URLs you can't remember, you just need to open the window again.

  • Sometimes, when there's many tabs opened, if i close a tab that i didn't wanted to close (like an accidental close), it becomes hard to remember what was closed. You know you closed the bad tab but, What was closed?

    It only happends with many tabs opened and little coffe in hand. Maybe it doesn't worth the addition of this feature.

    About the "close all tabs", closing all but the active tab and closing all for a clean start is not necessarily the same thing. But, also, maybe it doesn't worth the work.

    Regards Ahsly!

  • Close all other tabs, then close the last one? It's just one more click, I don't see the problem.

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