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scorm C2 game blackboard:"Error loading image..."

  • Hey guys,

    I am working on implementing a C2 game to include in a blackboard SCORM compliant course but I am running into some issues and was wondering if there was anybody else out there who has had any success. I just want to see on which end this issue lies - either between blackboard or c2runtime engine not managing the files correctly. I have successfully loaded the C2 project onto a moodle lms which ran just fine, but I have also directly loaded an image into a simple html5 page into a blackboard course. I plan on trying other file types like audio and video to see if the issue results the same as well as verify the manifest is completely valid.

    I have also noticed when viewing with the chrome developer tools that, although the image is not loaded, it is also label as an HTML/TEXT mimetype. Not only that, but I can click on the link which the error is provided in the chrome tools resources and open the image's direct address with no problem. It comes up with no problem, but the problem still persist with the engine.

    I am developing for a client who is C2 and Blackboard specific so I have to stick to this framework. Any ideas you guys have to head me the right direction would be great.

    -Thank you

  • So, if I get your problem right, you are trying to load an image from a Blackboard course into a C2 project and it gives you an error? Can you make a simple sample capx with the problem?

  • It is any image that is included in the package from the html5 output. The only ones that seem to display when looking into the c2runtime.js are the base64 icons for the load screen. It's looking like to me that this may be a security issue with blackboard and Javascript Linkin images, which I find odd considering it's being called from the same directory. I read that an iFrame could be use but that may be a little too cumbersome.

  • Do you have any errors in the JS console?

  • Yes, it is "error loading image..." then the link to the image. This is thrown by the c2runtime.js. the link to the image is is html/text mimetype (which I assume is an error sent from the server), but when I pull that link up directly on the browser the image shows just fine

  • Misconfigured servers with the wrong MIME types is a common problem and often causes projects to fail to load. We have a special manual entry to cover this: see MIME types.

  • I have no control on server end, so it is a little difficult getting through this bit. I have sent that link to the administrator to see what kind of response I get. In The mean time I have been able to successfully load a scorm package with no media (just web elements) and get SCORM generated data. Hopefully at some point I can narrow down the cause of this issue here.

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  • In my case, html5 website tries to open the image file that is not created when exporting

  • This looks like the problem I've faced and solved thanks to Mimiste: it's not a server issue, it's c2runtime.js and the "CrossOrigin" property that was being set on the loading objects as "anonymous" ... check this out...

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