Appodeal + Intel XDK (Android Crosswalk) build Error is now solved




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build error when we use appodeal & cranbarry's Google Play Service plugin

error >> cranberrygame/cordova/plugin/game/ uses or overrides a deprecated API.

when we use both the plugin together then build error comes because appodeal & phonegap both containing google play service & somewhere google play service is overlapping

solution is >> download Appodeal plugins >>




Put (Plugin-B) folder into Plugins folder of your project

Now open libs folder of Plugin-B and delete all jar files

Now copy jar files of libs from (Plugin-A) & paste into (Plugin-B) libs folder

there will be five jar files

1) android-support-v7-recyclerview-23.1.1

2) appodeal-1.14.12

3) inmobi-5.2.3

4) unity-ads-1.4.7

5) yandex-metrica-2.32


Open Plugin.xml file in any text editor

go to the last of the page

here you will find code

        	<source-file src="libs/appodeal-1.14.9.jar" target-dir="libs" />
    		<source-file src="libs/inmobi-5.2.1.jar" target-dir="libs" />
    		<source-file src="libs/yandex-metrica-2.30.jar" target-dir="libs" />
    		<source-file src="libs/applovin-6.1.5.jar" target-dir="libs" />
    		<source-file src="libs/chartboost-6.3.0.jar" target-dir="libs" />
    		<source-file src="libs/unity-ads-1.4.7.jar" target-dir="libs" />
    		<source-file src="libs/my-target-4.3.6.jar" target-dir="libs" />

Replace this code with below code

    		<source-file src="libs/android-support-v7-recyclerview-23.1.1.jar" target-dir="libs" />
    		<source-file src="libs/appodeal-1.14.12.jar" target-dir="libs" />
    		<source-file src="libs/inmobi-5.2.3.jar" target-dir="libs" />
    		<source-file src="libs/unity-ads-1.4.7.jar" target-dir="libs" />
    		<source-file src="libs/yandex-metrica-2.32.jar" target-dir="libs" />

Save file

Now you can build apk successfully


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