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hrisnz Published on 21 Jul, 2016

LEAVE is a competitive, fast paced and slightly strategic local multiplayer game. So grab a friend or a stranger, or a bunch of them, and start to compete for the chance to decide who will leave a hostile world. Explore the backstory of the game and visit scenes of it through VR-illustrations that can be found on hinz-art.com/LEAVE


P skip intro / pause game

a and d walking (player red)

w jumping (player red)

1 punching (player red)

left arrow and right arrow walking (player green)

arrow up jumping (player green)

. punching (player green)


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  • this ame is awsome

    • Hi Henry,

      this game is so old by now. I didn't even know if its still running :D

      so your comment made my day! Great you like it.

      Have a good one!

  • Great Game! :)

  • Hi LaurenceBedford, great you like the title screen!

    I dug for the project file for you. Hope this helps:

    I used two sprites (called camera and camera2 in my case)

    every tick:

    camera2 - set position to: (lerp(Self.X,Mouse.X,0.1) , lerp(Self.Y,Mouse.Y,0.1) )

    System - Scroll to (lerp(Camera.X,Camera2.X,0.5)/2, lerp(Camera.Y,Camera2.Y,0.5)/2)

    You need to set the Layout to "unbounded scrolling". And later you just make your camera sprites invisible (since I gave it a border and cross hair so i could see it while testing).

    I hope this gives you a good starting point ;)

  • Hi man whats the code for the camera at the title screen where it glides around with your mouse but not to far its awesome!

  • Is the menu not working for anyone else as well?? I did everything exactly the same when I exported it to NW and HTML5. If the intro made you interested please have a look on hinz-art.com/LEAVE.

    Does anybody have an idea why my "if mouse is overlapping" doesn't trigger the menu? Thanks for your interest and help ;)

    EDIT: if I can't find a way to fix it i will delete the game post here. You can play the game on my website. Strange that the arcade causes this problem.

    Everything works fine now :)

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