• Having the ability to turn sigs off - like the previous forum - would be my preferred option. It has the added bonus of speeding up page load times as well :)

  • What are peoples thoughts on a link directory for Construct/Scirra related websites? It would be a lot more prominent, and relevant. This would be instead of a forum signature. I think this way you guys get what you want with exposure, and we keep the forum looking really clean and light.

  • Buddy40 - nah, I didn't take it as an insult, I'm just disappointed it comes off that way to anyone. I'm actually good with criticism, it's good to know what people actually think, so to both you and Tom, thanks for the feedback.

    Edit: argh ninja'd by Tom - hopefully a "there's been a new post made, do you want to review your post" feature can be implemented?

    I dunno, a link list sounds like it could be hard to tell which user has which link, and could turn into a giant mess where its difficult to find anything. If signatures were not allowed, it seems like it would be more efficient and make more sense to simply allow such a thing on a person's profile page.

    I prefer signatures because it's nice to be able to know at a glance what a person's working on, or even that they're working on something at all without having to specifically look for information for if they are working on something.

  • Pro-sig here...

    Having no sigs will be really crap.

    90-120 pixel limit should be more than fine...


  • Yeah, I like seeing and having sigs, not just for useful reasons...

    Is the issue just loadtimes and readability? Or the image of the site, and wanting it to be professional?   For the first two, I think a prominent don't show signatures option somewhere would work, along with a 90pix vertical limit...also, with your web knowhow, couldn't you just make it the last thing that loads? And also have that 100k size limit or whatever the last site had.   Even on my phone I never really had speed issues with scirra forum

  • Tom... don't get rid of signatures. If you need to only allow sigs for people above a certain rep, in order to defeat spambots or to offer a perk to those that have been here for a bit then that's fine. It shouldn't be too high a requirement though, perhaps 500 rep, or less even.

    We do have rules stating what can go into a sig and how big it can be, because the old forum was getting pretty cluttered with big sigs. After the rules were put in place it wasn't too bad. And if people don't like sigs they can always turn them off, yes?

    At any rate, I do think people need a way to show off their stuff or link to their social networks or blogs or whatever, and a sig is pretty much the best way to do it. To get rid of them entirely is a bit drastic.

    Pro-sig here...

    Having no sigs will be really crap.

    90-120 pixel limit should be more than fine...


    The rules state (and have for some time) that your sig can be no more than 90px tall.

    You need to shrink your sig down a bit, mister! Come on, now... you have to lead by example <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Yeah, I'm actually gonna come out and say I think we should have sigs too! People can link to their websites in them, and I always had documentation links in mine.

    I'm sure Tom's on it though, he's upgrading the forum again soon.

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  • Instead of sig rules, it should probably be automated to not work...I think the last forum it was like that. Not everybody reads all the rules, but pretty much everybody reads the red text that pops up when you fail at submitting a form.

  • hey isnt there some sort of gravatar but for sigs?

    if you are affraid of people upoading to large sig just make them resize somehow to match the correct hight.

    i remember seeing something like this on the web before.

  • Not everybody reads all the rules

    If the Views count on the forum rules thread is any indication, you are absolutely right <img src="smileys/smiley6.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Ok sigs it is :)

  • You need to shrink your sig down a bit, mister! Come on, now... you have to lead by example <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Me? Follow rules?


    I'm speshul. Besides, I think my sig is still within reason. If this was MI my sig would be 5 screens tall, and it would be something like an "epicface" technoviking mounting a midget saying "you mad bro?" or something.

    But yes... signatures are a MUST.

    And so, it has been ruled.


    Slightly off-topic, but I have noticed that when quotes are done, they are ever-so-slightly too wide, and causes a small side-scroll bar to appear.


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