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  • It sounds a little bit like you just want a Nexus so you can have fun with it. This isn't critical to you developing the game, why would we buy you a nexus to play with?

    I want a new monitor, does anyone want to buy me a new monitor?

    Your artist might need a new computer? That sounds like it could be more critical to getting your game developed.

    Ask yourself if you even need an artist at this stage? I thought for a long time that art was holding me back because I didn't have an artist but then I saw an early prototypes of Braid - be bascially made most of the game before he even thought about what it would look like, he did it all with stick figures and no animation.

    Like I said before, try actually making the game, I think you'll realise that you don't need these things your after at such an early stage. When you've got some prototypes together - then you can show these and then properly break down any funding requirements you have.

    Look at this

    This is a new game idea from the guy who made Love - it's all prototype art, everything is so simple - mechanically too - but it does a good job of showing off a core idea. If I saw this video on Kickstarter or whatever and he was like, look I have this idea - check it out - I need 5,000 to pay a freelance artist and sound designer to generate assets for me. I'd find that a much more reasonable proposition to your offer where it just sounds like you want a Tablet for no real beneficial reason to the development of your game at this stage.

  • While I may also "want" a Nexus 10, there are reasons why I can't buy one with my own money. While some game development costs, I can cover myself. If you want more details on this, I can pm you.

    I pretty much do need an artist. My art skills are too impractical. My artist isn't perfect but he is better at art than me, I think.

    I actually might buy you a monitor if I had the money to spare. It doesn't matter to me that you would want rather than need it. More people need to ask for things in my opinion, and a monitor probably isn't a silly request in my opinion.

    Why should you buy me a Nexus 10? Well I can post a review of it with my iPad 4 comparing the two. Then in the coming months, if I can and have the time to make a benchmark, I will post a Construct benchmark of the two. But I can't guarantee that, I want to but it just depends on whether I have the time and stuff.

  • I'm forward-looking to this new game because I'm fairly passionate and optimistic about the project. While I have been passionate about projects before and they haven't turned out well, I've picked up on how to make a better game gameplay-wise. Even if some of the projects I play around with, like the one I posted the screenshot of, isn't' following them. I learned that two things I need to make a good game are action and combat. The second is optional but a great addition.

    I think everyone has said what they needed to say though. I might still ask for donations despite of the points brought up but if I don't get any, I won't drive it into the ground.

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  • I don't think you're getting what I'm trying to say. Anyway good luck to you.

  • Sorry. I'm on an iPad right now so my concentration is limited, between the lack of physical keyboard and other stuff.

    I'm just kind of tired of discussing the subject. I wasn't at first but we have discussed everything now. Is it enough that I'll say I'll keep your comments in mind? Because I will. I still remember constructive criticism from years ago.

    Besides being a novice game developer, who admittedly doesn't understand things like arrays until maybe when he goes to school, I'm also a technology buff. So asking for a Nexus 10 with the intent of trying it out, posting a review, and having a real game development reason for having one, doesn't really bother me. But I see your points, and I probably won't get bought a Nexus 10 due to your reasons being true and accurate. And oh well, it's not the end of the world, but if people were to chip in on it, I would still be grateful.

  • Sorry. I'm on an iPad right now so my concentration is limited, between the lack of physical keyboard and other stuff.

    Apple has that effect you know ;p You have more than me. I can't even afford an iPad! Would you support any vague ideas I might have? ;)

    Besides being a novice game developer, who admittedly doesn't understand things like arrays until maybe when he goes to school

    You'll understand arrays better when yo go to school? You can understand arrays NOW. Damn, you don't know how easy you have it nowadays, what with the net and all. Back in the day, when I were a lad... by gum... we had to learn from others peoples' (usually uncommented) source code without someone holding our hands. You have knowledge at your fingertips man. You have people to hold your han... err help you. Take advantage of it!

    I want a nice shiny new PC with a 27" monitor... what do you think my chances are of getting that without something to show? ;)

    When you're at a level where you have something to show, people will believe in you and your ideas. Until then, keep practising, study hard, and put together something solid.

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