Anyone fancy making a demo with mith me? - custom gfx

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  • sound cool. i look forward to the details

  • I was thinking of making a battle mode demo for RPG's: If it comes out good, i'll pass it on to you, if you want it... I have no time to make an RPG (well, I'm making a SRPG for fun, but that's for another post )

  • maybe i could help

    im sure you could use a guy like me. although be warned, i procrastinate alot.

    anyways, from what i see of your graphics i think the best animation style would be something like this game

    you seem to be able to draw characters very well in diff direction and poses, so if you made me your graphics as individual pieces (like arms legs head torso wtv) and drew the different looking pieces for poses, we could make this type of animation using the bone movement behaviour.

    (for battle scenes im talking)

    i could handle the animation aspect of battles, i wouldnt be the best for setting up an inventory and stuf

  • hi,

    thanks for posting. I'm thinkking about your idea of bone movement. you see, i can do battle animations of some characters, even up to 100 fram per attack. but probubly with some of the monsters would be much better to use bone movement and other fx. My worrie is will thise two diferent techniques work well together.

    another thing is that you are saing that you're lazy. hope you are not to much lazy.

    i've made one more charachter. this is last tease for thouse who are not shure wether to join our demo project and i hope that they will decide to join. ^^

    this type of character is calld "Phantom"

    for people already commited to the project i'll prepare sort of rough description. sorry i haven't done it eariler.

  • That's some really impressive art. I assume it's 3D modeled?

    Anyways, I'd really like to join this project, but I'm not sure I've got the time. I might be able to help out with some smaller things though(mainly coding).

  • hi,

    cool you want to join. yea this are 3d models.

  • hey there nice work.

    I can do some sound fx, 3d work (modeling, rigging, special effects - not sure i have time for animations ) or different stuff with graphics.

    Let me know if you need help with that.

  • Hi i made a list of people ivolved in this project. i have made short question notes to some of you next to your nick name.

    alee - advanced programming

    SoldjahBoy - Gui ( will this gui include inv, stats, items, battle commands etc? )

    Aeal5566 - editor ( i dont know what the features of this editor are, but eventualy would you concider adding some new features?)

    ansmesnobody - battle mode demo ( i'll quote him: "I was thinking of making a battle mode demo for RPG's: If it comes out good, i'll pass it on to you,")

    linkman2004 - smaller things (mainly coding)

    QuaziGNRLnose - animation aspect of battles ( will this include fx animations? )

    shinkan - sound fx, 3d work (modeling, rigging, special effects, eventualy animations)

    megatronx - 2d and 3d graphics, music, sounds, story and game design.

    I started a topic about our project J-rpg construct demo project

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  • What kind of features are you looking for? I am constantly making updates and changes to it. It you want a look pm me and ill send you a link to the cap with instructions on how to use it.

  • i pm'd you some time ago

  • A good reference:

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