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  • were you able to customize your controller graphics or did you use the basic template?

    also, have you considered writing a post explaining your process and experiences with publishing to airconsole? it is a very interesting platform with a lot of potential. so others may be wanting to know how to get started.

    AirConsole controller is basically a web page. You are able to customize it anyhow you imagine. They just provide API and some useful examples. But it's not mandatory to use AC buttons etc. you can make your own.

    But as I wrote before. Controller has to be made manually (programming). There is no way to do it in C2 for now.

    Yes I was thinking to write about C2 and AirConsole, but I'm sure there are changes comming so I don't want my text to be deprecated just after publishing .

    FraConsole I understand you are rebuilding AC C2 plugin?

    So here are the issues I consider should be rebuilded:

    1. Fetching Data

    Right now there is no way to fetch any other data than the "message" key. In order to fetch generic data I had to do a trick. Looks simple but it took me a while before I figured it out (!).

    So as you see I fetch any data. It is simply always TRUE. And then I parse data in C2.

    2. Loosing data

    As you can send only "message" data you cannot use RateLimiter for multiple elements. RateLimiter overrides the same keys and sends only the newest data. So if you send movement with "message" and some actions in "message" then with RateLimiter you will get your packages lost. You know how RateLimiter is important.

    I tried my Zombie A. controller on iPhone 4S without RateLimiter and it was not playable. With RateLimiter it is perfectly fine.

    So these are criticals I would say because they limit development in some way. So once this is fixed then it's already pretty fine. But still a lot could be better.

    The fastest solution for you IMO would be just to implement C2 Dictionary "wrapping" in AC C2 plugin.

    So simply saying once message arrives to AC C2 plugin, change it to JSON string and add C2 Dictionary entries to it. Then we will handle it with C2 Dictionary.

    If plugin would take care of this wrapping, then we would be able to use AC Controller Generator and RateLimiter without problems.

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  • Ok thanks a lot! I will let you know when I updated the plugin!

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