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  • For ease of use, its a projection of a regular 2d layer to an isomeric layer. You convert everything from 2d to iso offsets.

    So it will be shown at the correct iso xy, regardless of the movement type.

    In fact the movement part could be left out entirely from the capx.

  • I'm interested in this project, but can't figure out how irregular shapes(e.g. humans) would work in this, or if they would at all?

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  • As far as adding characters to a game, it should just be a matter of adjusting the hotspot.

    I should say you will need families as it uses those for z sorting.

    Also, added another example with just the 8 Direction behavior.


  • Just an update on this.

    What I think I will do is make a basic capx that just sets up the isometric part, along with a detailed tutorial(perhaps a vid), on how to set things up.

    From there you can set up what ever movements you like on a 2d layer.

    If there is interest I will then make other capx's that do a specific movement type, for a separate charge. The reason for this that is there are basically two movement types, Pathfinder, and 8 Direction, but both of those deserve to have both mouse, and touch examples. Its about the same for paths, but a keyboard/ joystick input are much different.

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