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  • I have a big question about Construct 2. Please confirm to me if Construct 2 can make a farming game as "Hay Day" or a building game as "Clash of clan" with full of animation like those games without crashes or good performance ? . These game run very well on my low phones, but my game in Construct 2 is not running well, even though It has very little animation and sprites memory - I wrote details on the top of the thread. I followed performance guides on this forum and fixed so many stuff to keep it run on my low phone devices, but sometimes It still has crashes, or I missed somethings. Please point me all the guide to help me fix my game performance. Thank you so much.

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  • I checked all tips at .But the game still has crashes sometimes, when some sprites is moving or changing angle every tick or the game is saving, but I limited only one sprite can move or change angle value at a time. I'm using "Bullet" behavior to move, and "Sine" behavior to trigger and make a sprite move ping-pong. Can anyone help me please ? My game is using no physics and no collisions, I disabled all of them and no text objects or no textbox objects. After using an object, I destroyed it, every frames there are under 25 sprites on the screen with limitation of animation object is one at a time.

    • Can 9-patch object make any issues of performance ? I'm using it.
    • I have a 900x900 px background, I cut it to 4 sprites, 900x900 px each and scale it to 450x450 px to make the graphic sharp and clearer. Does it affect to performance ? Should I cut it to smaller pieces ?

    Thank for any helps !

  • SparklingAir I resolved 90% of this issue with export. The problem is maybe too many objects to created in a layout, but C2 didn't remove their memory from cache even though those objects are deleted in the layout, and Then overloaded of memory of the mobile device which caused crashes. You can resolve it by creating the game with multi-layout as well.

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