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  • Story-Telling

    So there's a particular tale that is meant to tie the Blight experience together. The game starts off in a pristine environmental setting. Each locale you visit will be increasingly covered with mechanical parts, pollution, and general corruption. Something along the lines of how Donkey Kong Country did it, but I'm shooting for more poignancy and some other small sub-themes. There will be a brief intro cinematic and a brief cinematic at the end of the game. Otherwise, I want things to be unobtrusive, but still delivering on the theme. This will be done partly through the environments as you see them progress, and then the level titles will reflect an overarching, poetic story. Each level title is a short line in an overall poem, but each line also corresponds with the theme of the level it represents as well. A tough writing task, to be sure, but I think it'll make a big difference.

    The level titles for the first world are as follows:

    At the Outset

    The Future was Steeped

    With Sprawling Vistas

    And Heights Unknown

    But Below the Surface

    Lurked a Danger

    Sealed Deep Within

    And no, they're not going to rhyme.

    I'll save the rest of the titles for when you play the game!

  • So it looks like an Alpha release should be happening soon! I'm narrowing down the date, but mid-July to the beginning of August is the plan. I'll be releasing the first world on that day, and those early adopters would get the rest of the game (early and as it's done) free of charge. I think 40% of the final price is fair. It would allow people early access while still serving the purpose of funding.

    The current structure of the game is 4 worlds with 7 levels each, with the seventh level being the equivalent of a castle stage. The first 6 levels are get from point A to point B successfully while finding a certain number of hidden objects in the levels. The completion of the boss at the end of level 7 plus the location of a minimum number (but not all) of the hidden objects in the world would unlock the subsequent world. Level 7 in each world will be more complex with branching paths, and the levels will steadily increase in length, complexity, and difficulty as the game progresses.

    There is a central, simple level selection screen that seamlessly transitions to each level. Also a fun detail to note: the soundtrack is orchestral with electronic elements at times, but when you pause, it seamlessly transitions to a piano version of whatever music is playing until the action is resumed.

    You can see an early version of level selection on Blight's IndieDB page

  • Good nws! I've reached a good, releasable Alpha stage and Blight is on Desura! The Alpha release starts August 3rd, but you can preorder it now! It's about 60% off during the Alpha release stage, so don't miss out!

  • I'll preorder it in a few days! Can't wait till full version.

  • I'll preorder it in a few days! Can't wait till full version.

    Awesome! Thanks a ton.

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  • Maybe not important to others, but I just made my first sale (preorder)! It isn't a lot, but it's a first step for me and the first money I've made for video games besides music and audio production.

  • Congrats! Making money doing something you love is always the best! It's looking great!

  • Blight will be release in Alpha form on August 3rd for early adopters at a discount! Early supporters will get the rest of the game free as it is completed. As part of the release in two weeks, here's a brand new trailer showing the current state of Blight! Check it out, leave some comments, and share with others!


  • A little over a week to go! It's pretty much feature-complete as far as alpha release goals. Just cleaning things up and one last music track and away we'll go!

  • Blight is released! It is available for purchase right now from Desura for a discounted price--and you'll get the rest of the game free for being an early supporter!

  • Also, for anyone who prefers other services, Blight is now also available on IndieCity and Indievania!

  • Here's a new shot from the sand world--a sand storm. This particular level will have a bigger focus on trickier platforming (whereas the level prior is more about enemy evasion/blocking). The sand storm effect looks particularly nice in motion, as do the barely-visible mountains in the background.

    <img src="" border="0" />

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