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  • Hi,

    The webcam object is working for me with windows vista. Can you capture images with the webcam object?

    The only thing I've found that may be of help is this:


    the solution you have give to me, dont work at all is for USB webcams, USB HEADPHONES, USB MICROS ETC... my webcam is included in my laptop I CANT remove that, and i dont want to delete the drivers, or doing anything stupid like that for my webcam.

    i dont know why but this webcam obj dont work...

    so THIS IS my laptop ... 750g-1.jpg

    the acer aspire 7750g

  • I found something for the developers of SCIRRA and the webcam obj.

    Because the problem i have descrived here in this forum its the same in this new example i found on the web.


    If you attempt to capture live video sequences with the VidCap utility included with Microsoft Video for Windows using the Creative Labs Video Blaster capture board, you may capture a series of black frames. This problem occurs if any of the following three scenarios exist:

    The computer has more than 15 MB of RAM.

    The driver setting for the base memory address is incorrect.

    The Video Blaster capture card is not installed properly.

    For me i have the ACER crystale eye HD webcam, all updated and working fine under my windows7.

    so i found this after:

    When you run the VidCap utility, you may find that if you choose Overlay Video from the Options menu, the picture displays correctly; however, when you choose the Preview Video command, the picture displays as blackness or is fuzzy.

    AND THIS IS WHAT THE WEBCAM OBJ IS DOING, THE PREVIEW MODE, and THAT give me black screens... SO its in your CODE.

    here its this article, that speak about this kind of problem with another card BUT the same problem i have.

  • no one have a solution???

  • The source for the webcam object is unavailable, and I don't have direct access to a webcam to do any testing. You can try using python to access the webcam.

    This one looks pretty good:

  • Im not a programmer, its for that i use MMF2 and scripting for me its not for that im surprised this webcam obj is in this softare but that cant work with laptops webcam.

  • Since this is FREE software you can't expect immediate resolution to every obj that isn't fully supported across all hardware platforms. Maybe it is something unique about your webcam and the only way to troubleshoot it is to buy your laptop model or similar with exact webcam. Who here is going to pay $500+ dollars to get your laptop and test?

    Thus Python is a good workaround. And it is pretty easy, and you would gain a new skill. So I'd recommend given it a go.

    I do have a webcam in my computer, but am currently working on a Network plugin so I wouldn't be able to even start on anything for a couple months. Since we've only had one request I think for now Python is your best I don't feel there is a big demand right now for an update.

  • As Scidave said, but also, laptops ALWAYS break standards with webcams. It literally is the webcam developers fault as any other external webcam will most likely work with Construct. It'd be better if they wrote new drivers than if the webcam object was programmed to work with each individual model/standard of integrated webcams. Then everybody would conform to the agreed standards!

  • I've been meaning to get around to using Python. I hate to take this slightly off-topic, but if you use Python in one of your games, does the user have to have Python installed on his computer in order to play your .exe game?

  • I've been meaning to get around to using Python. I hate to take this slightly off-topic, but if you use Python in one of your games, does the user have to have Python installed on his computer in order to play your .exe game?

    Nope, you just need to distribute the Python26.dll with your exe. In the export settings you can enable python, then tell it to copy the dll to the export directory. I think you also need to choose any python modules you use in your project.

  • Sweet. Thanks Jayjay!

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  • hi i'm needing the webcam obj too, but some one can tellme how to use that python solution proposed before, so, how i may call that video capture module from CC for take snapshots in my games...

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